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Model - STM2015


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Affordable 3D CNC router machine with four 4th rotary axes is used for 3D carving & cutting in furniture mass production, 3D sculptures, and complex artworks. Now the multi 4th axis 3D CNC machine for sale at an affordable price.

Product Overview

Affordable 3D CNC Router Machine with Multi 4th Rotary Axes

Product Details

3D CNC Router Machine Advantages

1. Multi heads can work at the same time to improve the same design engraving efficiency.

2. Multi heads can also work alone, control the machine heads independently.

3. Multi heads CNC router can use only one head to process and make increasing the working area.

4. Heads amounts and working area can be changed according to client's requests.

5. Four rotaries and four heads, which can work at the same time or independently.

3D CNC Router Machine Applications

The 3D CNC carving machine is very suitable for furniture bulk production such as desk legs,stair handrails and other column or cylinder products.

The 3D cylinder engraving machine can process 3D sculptures and complex artworks, it can easily process 360 degree human body, buddhist statue, sculptures, art works, furniture products such as desk legs, stair handrails and so on.

3D CNC Router Machine Features

1. All machine heads can work at the same time, and they can also work alone, good coherence and high quality when batch machining.

2. Lathe bed adopts strong welded steel tube to avoid distortion.

3. Well compatibility in software: all kind of 3D carving.

4. More precise positioning accuracy.

5. It is an economical CNC machine.

6. The machine adopts Taiwan double nut ball screw,imported square guide rail.

7. Gantry movement, long time use without distortion.

8. We can make multi heads CNC machine and any working size according to your requirements.

Technical Parameters of 3D CNC Router Machine:



Rotary axis max diameter


Rotary axis max length


Guide rail system

X,Y,Z axis

Linear square guide rail from Taiwan




Rotating Speed

0-24000 rpm (Optional air-cooling spindle with 18000 rpm)

Cooling Type

Water cooling type



Collet diameter


About drive systems

X,Y,Z axis

stepper motor

Servo motor and driver

Panasonic/Yaskawa (optional)

Dust collector system



Machine body

Square tube

Control System

Ncstudio control system

Built-in memory

128 M

Compatible file formats

G code ; *.u00 ; *.mmg ; *.plt .

Compatible CAD/CAM Software

Ucancam V9 / Type3 / Artcam /

Working Voltage

AC380V 50Hz



Work-holding devices

by fixture

Interface type


Cutting thickness of material

Depends on the materials


4 heads


4 Rotaries

3D Carving CNC Router Machine Projects

3D Carving CNC Router Machine Package

Four heads 3D CNC router inner package:

Four heads 3D CNC router outer package:


1. Guarantee & After-sale Service?

1.1. One year warranty under normal use and we supply lifetime maintenance.

1.2. Technical support by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp around the clock.

1.3. Free Training to make sure you master the operation of the CNC Machine.

1.4. Friendly English Operation Manual, popular and easy to understand.

2. OEM Service Available?

2.1. Usually, we will manufacture the machine as our regular design.

2.2. X,Y,Z Working Area could be customer-oriented designing.

2.3. Special configurations could be customer-oriented designing.

3. Delivery Time( Production Procedure)?

3.1. For 3D CNC router machine with standard specification, usually 10-15 days.

4. Payment Terms?

4.1. T/T in advance.

4.2. Alibaba.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews


Reviewed in Croatia on

5 out of 5

Shipped well packaged and showed up with everything in good condition with easy to follow instructions. Easy to assemble. Well built. Very sturdy with heavy duty structure. In addition, this kit came with a full set of router bits of different sizes to use. Overall, its a great CNC router with four rotary axes for 3D woodworking.

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