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Model - STM1325F


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Foam CNC router machine with 3 axis for foam board cutting and foam relief carving, 4 axis swing head for 3D foam mold making, 4th axis for rotary milling and cutting Styrofoam, EPS and XPS foams, now the 3 axis CNC foam router machine for sale at cost price.

Product Overview

3 Axis Foam CNC Router Machine for Styrofoam, EPS & XPS

Product Details

Foam CNC router is a professional CNC foam milling machine to cut and mill styrofoam (foam). It is a light CNC machine tool compared with heavy CNC metal cutting and milling machine tools, the rigidity and precision requirements of styrofoam CNC router machines are slightly lower. The CNC foam router machine is produced according to the idea of metal cutting and milling machine tools. The important processing parts of the milling machine are subjected to annealing and other heat treatment processes. After the processing is completed, three-coordinate measurement is performed to ensure the accuracy of the parts.

Styrofoam is a material formed by high temperature foaming of polystyrene (PS) and foaming agent, usually called "foam". When thermoforming, depending on the foaming ratio, it can be made into containers such as disposable tableware, fresh trays, instant noodle bowls, and hamburger boxes. It can also be used as a shock-proof packaging cushion, which is light in weight, strong, but not environmentally friendly, and is gradually turning to paper packaging.

3 Axis Foam CNC Router Machine Features

1. The Z axis can be heighten to 1000mm, which widens the working region so as to fit the large three-dimensional curved surface processing.

2. Big steel square tube structure by seamless welding and hardening treatment, guarantee it to be strong, reliable and durable, with large bearing capacity and long service life.

3. The foam CNC router is equipped with self-lubricating blocks, four-row ball bearing and widened rail, so it can get equal force in all directions to guarantee mechanical precision and strength.

4. Many optional configuration and OEM service available.According to your requirement, different configurations of CNC foam router will be offered.

5. High-precision ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin linear square rails, which move smoothly to ensure the machining precision.

3 Axis Foam CNC Router Machine Technical Parameters

Working area1300*2500*600mm
Table size1300*2500mm
Travelling speed12000mm/min
Working speed :10000mm/min
Spindle power6KW
Spindle speed0-18000rpm/min
TransmissionX/Y rack and pinion, Z ball screw
Driving motorStepper motor(servo motor for choose)
Control SystemDSP (Nc studio for choose)
Running EnvironmentTemperature: 0 degree~45 degree
SoftwareArtcam/Type3, other CAD/CAM
Weight2300 KG

3 Axis CNC Foam Router Machine Applications

All kinds of foams, EPS, polystyrene, polyurethane, styrofoam, polyfoam, wood, composite board, alucobond, PVC, plastic, acylick, organic glass, aluminum, copper and other materials.

EPS foam CNC router machine is mainly used in these industries:

Die and mold industries: Carving various large nonmetallic molds, especially for auto foam mold, wooden molds for ship, aviation and train. It is also suitable for precise manufacture of casting wooden mold, food mold (such as mooncake mold) and other molds making, etc.

Musical instrument industry: Carving large 3D curved surface instruments and contour cutting.

3 Axis Foam CNC Router Machine for Styrofoam, EPS and XPS Foams Projects

4th Axis CNC Foam Router Machine for Styrofoam, EPS and XPS Foams

4 Axis CNC Foam Router Machine for Styrofoam, EPS and XPS Foams

4 Axis Foam CNC Router Machine Details

Based on the foam model required for solid casting, CNC machining has the obvious advantages of uniform and accurate margins and good overall appearance of the mold. The important processing parts of the machine tool are subjected to annealing and other heat treatment processes. After processing, the three-axis measurement is performed to ensure the accuracy of the parts. Full-program processing of foam will be the direction of future development.

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I REALLY love this CNC foam router. It makes my foam work much easier. Fully automatic, high precision. I am not an expert but this kit works well for my purpose. Highly recommended.

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