CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Applications & Plans

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You will find some applications and plans by CNC plasma cutting machine from STYLECNC, which will be a good reference to buy the best plasma CNC cutter.

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CNC Plasma Cutting 30mm Carbon Steel Project

CNC Plasma Cutting 30mm Carbon Steel Project

CNC Plasma Cutting 18mm Carbon Steel Projects

CNC Plasma Cutting 12mm Galvanized Steel Projects

CNC Plasma Cutting 20mm Carbon Steel Project

CNC Plasma Cut 10mm Iron Part Projects

CNC Plasma Cut 6mm Metal Tube Projects

CNC plasma cutting machine is a special equipment for plasma arc cutting under high temperature and strong electric field conditions. High-speed airflow, high-temperature, high-speed plasma arc flame flow melts the workpiece metal, and is blown away from the substrate to form a slit. Since the arc column temperature greatly exceeds the melting point of metals and their oxides, CNC plasma cutting machines can also be used to cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals in addition to cutting carbon steel.

The application classification of CNC plasma cutting machines based on technical applications is mainly distinguished by the composition of the plasma arc. Here STYLECNC briefly describes the classification as follows:

Conventional Plasma Arc Cutting

Dual Gas Plasma Arc Cutting

The torches use plasma gas and shield gas, respectively. The function of shielding gas is to effectively isolate the cutting area from the outside world, so as to obtain better cutting edge quality. According to the characteristics of the material to be cut, the combination of different gases can be changed to achieve the best cutting effect.

Water Plasma Arc Cutting.

During the cutting process, the cooling water is sprayed from the small hole in the torch nozzle to the arc, and the plasma arc is compressed again to further increase its density and temperature, so as to improve the cutting speed and cutting quality.

Long-Life Oxygen Plasma Arc Cutting.

Long-life oxygen plasma arc cutting is a novel plasma arc cutting technology for cutting carbon steel. The most prominent advantage is that the electrode has a long life. Compared with ordinary oxygen plasma, the average life is extended by 4 to 6 times, and the number of perforations is increased by nearly 10 times.

Fine Plasma Arc Cutting.

The plasma arc current density of CNC plasma cutting machine is very high, so it has a very narrow and straight plasma flame, narrow slit, smooth cutting surface, vertical cutting edge, cutting precision and surface quality close to laser cutting.

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