Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine Projects & Ideas

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You will find free laser cutting stainless steel projects & ideas by laser metal cutting machines, which will be a good reference to buy metal laser cutters.

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Stainless steel laser cutting machine projects

Stainless steel laser cutting machine projects

1mm stainless steel laser cutting machine samples

0.5mm ss laser cutting 3d metal project

Stainless steel laser cutting sample

3D laser cutting stainless steel sample

The laser stainless steel cutting machine adopts the gantry structure, the beam is cast, and the overall structure is firm, changing the previous cantilever structure, small footprint, light weight, anti-deformation, and high precision. The stainless steel laser cutting machine adopts a fiber laser generator. The locking ring of the light-emitting nozzle of the fiber cutting head is in contact with the surface of the metal sheet. With the height of the metal sheet surface, the cutting head moves up and down to achieve equal focal length cutting. This cutting head has high sensitivity, stable movement and good reliability. When cutting metal plates, there is no obvious spark splash on the surface of the metal plate, and it avoids the traditional induction ranging type cutting head caused by the interference of air medium changes or electromagnetic fields. Sensitivity reduction or malfunction, resulting in reduced workpiece cutting quality or collision damage to the cutting head. The motion system adopts high-precision ball screw transmission mode and servo drive system to ensure the high precision of cutting, and the toothed working platform and bead are suitable for supporting all kinds of metal sheets when cutting. The unique design of the control cabinet includes the entire operating system, which changes the complex design of the previous independent power supply operation, and can directly set the current, frequency, pulse width and other power parameters on the control system.

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