Laser Wood Engraving Cutting Machine Projects

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Review the laser cutter engraving machine for wood projects as a good reference to buy the best laser wood engraver cutting machine.

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Wood laser engraving machine samples

Wood laser engraving machine samples

Wood laser cutting machine sample 01

Wood laser cutting machine sample 02

Wood laser engraving machine sample 01

Wood laser engraving machine sample 02

Wood laser engraving machine samples 03

Wood laser cutting machine sample 03

Wood laser engraving machine samples 04

1. Performance of gray scale.

Ordinary mechanical engraving can not be engraved in the economic way of the point, and thus does not have the form of gray. Laser engraving and cutting machine is a way to achieve the engraving, with the natural advantages in the gray level performance. To this end in the design of the sculpture as far as possible in the form of gray scale, such benefits are reduced in the coloring process, saving costs; on the other hand, a wealth of expressive means to increase the level of graphics. Users in the use of graphics to do a different gray fill (text to first transform the graphics), the output selection of black and white, you can try the effect of different outlets, the accuracy is generally not more than 500dpi.

2. Wood laser engraving materials.

a. Log (untreated wood)

Wood is by far the commonly used laser processing materials, it is easy to carve and cut. Light wood like birch, cherry or maple very easily by laser vaporization, which is suitable for engraving. Each wood plate production has its own characteristics, some of the dense, such as hardwood, in the engraving or cutting when it is to use a greater laser power. We recommend that the engraving is not familiar with the wood before, to first study the characteristics of the carving.

b. Plywood

In the plywood on the wood carving in fact there is not much difference, but there is a point to pay attention to, the engraving depth can not be too deep. After cutting the plywood edge will be like timber blackening, if the key is to see that the use of wood plywood manufacturing.

3. Wood laser engraving.

Generally speaking, the wood laser engraving is usually intaglio, and the depth of the general requirements of the depth of the general requirements. Such power is generally higher, if encountered a more hard wood may make the color of the engraved graphics becomes deeper. If you want to make a lighter color, you can increase the speed of engraving, try to make more than a few times. Some wood laser engraving will produce fumes are attached on the surface of the wood, if the wood has brush paint can be used wet cloth to be wiped, if not painting may not wipe clean, resulting in the finished product surface fouling.

4. Wood laser cutting.

The wood cutting depth by Laser engraving and cutting machine is generally not deep, large cutting depth to see wood material and laser power, if you want to cut a thick wood, can slow the speed of cutting, but may cause the burning of wood. The specific operation can be used to try to use a large size lenses, and the use of repeated cutting method.

5. To color.

Wood laser engraving in general there will be a is burning feeling, with wood color match is a kind of primitive art beauty, the color depth mainly depends on the laser power and the speed of engraving. But some wood is usually a soft kind, no matter how you can change its color (such as birch). The finished color, can use acrylic paint.

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