CNC Wood Router Making Relief Carving Projects

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This newest STM1325 CNC wood router is widely used in relief carving, 3D carving and hollow carving, 2D/3D cutting in popular woodworking.

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Relief carving samples

Relief carving samples

Relief engraving samples

Relief engraving

Relief carving applications

Relief engraving applications

Relief engraving samplesby CNC wood router

Relief carving by CNC wood router

Relief carving and engraving applications

Relief carving

Relief carving and engraving by CNC wood router

Applications of STM1325 CNC wood router: 

Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, furniture like solid wood door, wood relief, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, tables, beds, computer desk and cylinders like table legs, sofa legs, wooden craft, paint door, screen, craft fan window processing, shoe polisher, game cabinets and panel, mahjong table, auxiliary processing . 

Advertising industry: advertising sign, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials advertising the production of decorative product. 

Mold industry: engraving wood, foam, EPS, copper, aluminum mold, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wood and other non-metallic mold. 

Other industry: a variety of large-scale relief sculpture, shadow carving, widely used in the craft industry. 

Features of STM1325 CNC wood router: 

1. 1300*2500*600mm effective work area.

2. 300mm diameter rotary device/4th axis for option.

3. 3kw water cooling spindle, 24000rpm (China Changsheng brand,top quality).

4. 3.7kw Fuling inverter(China top quality).

5. Mach3 4 axis control, with MPG hand wheel.

6. Taiwan HIWIN 20# square linear guide.

7. Helical rack transmission for X, Y axis,powerful and stable.

8. Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission for Z axis, most accurate precision.

9. Vacuum and T-slot working table.

10. Water mist cooling sprayer (for metal working).

11. Manual lubrication system.

12. Tool sensor calibration.

13. Japan OMRON limit switch.

14. The best cable, highly flexible, fire resistant.

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