CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Wood Crafts Ideas & Plans

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You will find some laser engraving cutting wood crafts ideas & plans by CO2 laser cutters, which will be a reference to buy laser wood cutter engraving machine.

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woodcraft laser cutting samples

woodcraft laser cutting samples

woodcraft laser engraving samples

woodcraft laser engraving samples

woodcraft laser engraving samples

woodcraft laser engraving machine

Using laser to cut wood has the advantages of high precision, narrow slit, fast speed and smooth cutting surface. However, because the laser focused energy melts the wood, there will be blackening during the cutting process, that is, the cutting edge is carbonized. Today we talk to you about how to reduce or even avoid this.

The first thing to note is that if you are cutting thicker boards, it is very difficult not to get black. After my test, it is concluded that the cutting of templates with a thickness of 5MM can be done without much blackening, while those above 5MM It depends on the situation. Here's a detailed description of how to make the laser cut wood not black:

Maybe everyone knows that to avoid the carbonization effect of laser cutting, use high speed and low power. This is right, but some are misunderstood. They feel that the faster the better, the lower the power the better, and to reduce blackening, they cut multiple times with fast speed and low power. This is very bad and the carbonation effect may be darker than normal.

Our low power and fast speed must ensure that the wood can be cut through at one time. The faster the speed is, the better the speed, and the lower the power, the better. If reducing the power requires multiple cuts, the carbonization phenomenon is actually more serious. Because the part that has been cut through will be burned a second time, the more you cut it, the more serious the carbonization will be.

The part that was cut through the first time was burned again during the second cut. The other part, because it was not cut through the first time, was not so black.

Therefore, the first point to pay attention to is to ensure that it is formed in one processing, not secondary processing, to avoid secondary damage.

And fast speed and low power are contradictory, the faster the speed, the more difficult it is to cut through, and the smaller the power, the more difficult it is to cut through. Between the two we have to prioritize. In my experience, fast speed is more important than low power. With more power, try the fastest speed you can cut through. Of course this needs to be tested to get the best value.

Of course, in addition to the influence of power speed on blackening, there is another very important factor, which is blowing air. When cutting wood, you must blow air strongly. It is best to use a high-power air compressor, because another factor for blackening and yellowing is, The gas generated by the cutting is blackened, and the blowing can assist the cutting to make the cutting easier and prevent fire.

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