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Looking for a digital flatbed cutter to custom printed, advertising, marketing materials for printing, exhibit, brand, wrap, display and more advertisements? Review the digital flatbed cutting machine to start your business plans.

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Digital flatbed cutter adopts ergonomic design, making cutting easier and more convenient. The cutting machine composed of green materials is environmentally friendly, naturally pollution-free, and beneficial to people's health. Its significant advantages are: intelligent cutting, environmentally friendly materials, and peace of mind.

Flatbed digital cutter has low cutting cost and improved cutting efficiency, allowing customers to maintain a high level of competition in the same industry. It has ultra-high frequency vibration knife automatic alienation, fast and accurate cutting, and can be used in printing, marketing, and advertising industry. It has a wide range of applications.

Digital flatbed cutting machine is equipped with a camera to locate a variety of materials, which can achieve precise cutting with high efficiency. Especially for the cutting of special-shaped graphics, the quality is higher than manual cutting, and the efficiency is increased by more than 3 times. The cutting efficiency of regular graphics is about 2 times higher than that of manual cutting.

Digital Cutting Logos

Digital Cutting Logos

Flatbed digital cutting machine is mainly aimed at the downstream processing of printing, advertising, and marketing industry with a high-performance, high-speed, high-quality integrated intelligent cutting program, quickly completing full-cutting, half-cutting, engraving, punching, crease, marking and other functions. The craftsmanship solves the difficult problem of cutting special-shaped pictures and meets the production goal of less batches, more orders, and more styles. The machine is equipped with high-precision CCD positioning and cutting functions as standard, which can easily complete various flexible material cutting tasks, and process high-quality advertising products faster, more stable, and more accurately, and minimize production costs.

Dieless Knife Cutting PVC Soft Glass

You can custom marketing materials, printed materials, and advertising materials with digital flatbed cutting table for billboards, body advertising, murals, signs, scaffolding, inflatable billboards, window display pictures, banners and posters, stage backgrounds, mobile graphic displays, wedding photography, posters Posters, indoor display board advertisements, engineering and garden renderings, advertisement display diagrams, commercial and civil interior decoration, business document covers, digital albums, charts, banners, banners, adhesive trademarks, art photos, antique oil paintings, window advertisements, and many other fields.

Flatbed Cutting Signs

Types of Printed, Advertising, and Marketing Materials

PP Film:

High gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, good anti-aging and tensile performance, there are two kinds of matte and smooth.

Cold Laminating Film:

PVC material, the main function is to protect the picture.

Photographic Paper:

High gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, good anti-aging performance, there are two kinds of matte and glossy.

Self-Adhesive (Adhesive):

High gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, with glue on the back, easy to paste, there are two kinds of matte and glossy.

Back Spray Light Box Piece:

High gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, better expressiveness of the picture after lighting, there are two kinds of matte and glossy.

Full Transparency Film:

Good light transmittance, suitable for transparencies, composite images, transparent hanging frames, etc. There are two kinds of matte and glossy.

Transparent Adhesive:

Good light transmittance, with adhesive on the back, easy to paste, suitable for beautification of partitions of glass showcases, etc. There are two kinds of matte and glossy.


Using oil canvas substrate, support high-precision original oil painting reproduction output, the image has no light reflection.

Silk Spun Fabric:

High gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, the picture has the luster of silk fabric, no need to pass the film.

Gold Foil:

The effect of gold film, strong texture, suitable for special and personalized needs of the picture, no need to pass the film.

Silver Foil:

The effect of silver film, strong texture, suitable for special and personalized needs of the picture, without film.

Waterproof Indoor Banner Fabric: 

good waterproof performance, bright colors, no need for film for short-term outdoor use.

Waterproof Indoor Without Anti-Fabric:

Using the latest refined non-woven fabric as the substrate, light weight, good strength, strong waterproof performance, no need to cover.

Crystal Color Grid:

Energy saving and environmental protection, relying on the principle of light reflection to work. Divided into adhesive, reflective inkjet film and fabric base, reflective inkjet fabric.

Inkjet-Grade Reflective Film:

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it relies on the principle of light reflection to work, the pattern is clear and can be pasted.

Other Materials:

Paperboard, cardboard, KT board, exterior light fabric, inner light fabric, outdoor light box film, domestic car sticker, imported car sticker, outdoor flag fabric, grid fabric, single hole transparent, 550 matte light box fabric, double-sided sprayable fabric.

Digital Printing Cutting Projects

The emergence of marketing has been loved by the majority of enterprises and organizations because of its large size, detailed information delivery, and strong attractiveness. The production process of inkjet advertising is not simple. It needs multiple processing techniques such as output, cutting, laminating, mounting, and splicing to complete. Cutting among them is a big problem for many companies and manufacturers. So how can we achieve high-efficiency cutting speed while ensuring cutting accuracy?

The cutting of advertisements needs to be cut after the laminating step is completed. When cutting, it is necessary to manually use scissors to follow the marking line, because this will facilitate the work of the film in the film, and can better ensure the quality and success rate. However, manual cutting efficiency and accuracy are more difficult to meet the requirements of customers. Especially when some customers need to cut special-shaped graphics, it will bring difficulty to advertising cutting.

Digital Lettering

The emergence of the flatbed digital cutting machine completely solved the problems encountered in the traditional cutting advertising methods. The equipment is completely controlled by computer. The operation is simple and the configuration is complete. In terms of tools alone, it can be equipped with different tools such as milling cutters, vibrating cutters, bevel cutters, drag cutters, creasing cutters, half cutters, and wheel cutters to cut different materials. It can quickly complete various processes such as full-cutting, half-cutting, engraving and milling, punching, crease, marking, etc.

Solve the problem of special-shaped picture cutting, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs; it can reduce the rate of defective products caused by manual cutting errors, and help users achieve high-quality cutting results faster, more stable, and more accurately at low cost.

Digital Carton Cutting Machine

Flatbed digital cutting machine is equipped with a large visual recognition system, a high-definition CCD camera, and automatic boundary recognition to realize automatic positioning and cutting of various materials, fast and accurate cutting of various complex and special-shaped graphics, and eliminate problems such as inaccurate manual positioning and printing distortion. With the automatic transmission function, it can realize efficient and accurate nest cutting of large-format images, and improve the cutting quality and output.

Digital Sign Making

Digital flatbed cutters are widely used in marketing, advertising, printing, packaging and more industries. The replaceable tool head configuration can meet the different cutting needs of customers for cutting different materials. The materials that can be cut include various corrugated paper, chevron boards, car stickers, adhesives, Frame paper, KT board, gray board paper, honeycomb board, acrylic board, PVC board, foam, and more.

Digital Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Digital flatbed cutting table is specially designed for the advertising industry to produce a digital high-speed cutting system tailored to advertisements. Faster, precise and intelligent automation solutions can deal with different materials and fully meet the advertising industry such as KT special-shaped cutting, automatic drawing and other different processes Requirements, to bring more efficient automated production experience for the majority of manufacturers.

Digital Fabric Cutting Machine

Digital flatbed cutting table adopts vibrating knife cutting technology, no need to make knife molds, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, management, storage, etc. in the production and development process, completely bid farewell to the traditional manual knife mold cutting process, and completely break through the enterprise to skilled workers. The bottleneck of dependence, the first to enter the era of digital toolless machining.

Digital Label Cutting Machine

Digital flatbed cutter can complete the cutting of highly difficult, complicated patterns, and the model cannot be realized by the knife mold, which greatly expands the designer's design space and creates new patterns that cannot be imitated by hand cutting, making your model more attractive and making the design Really reach the state of "not afraid of not being able to do it, but afraid of not thinking about it".

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