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Need post-processor files for CAM software with CNC machining? Here is a list of the most common CNC post-processing files available for free download and use.

 Updated on Dec 04, 2023    92 (3 Min Read)

CNC Post Processor Files Free Download

Post processor is a coding software that compiles tool path files into instructions that can be recognized and executed by CNC machine tools.

Post-processor files are G-code or M-code instructions that automate CNC machining, which originate from the tool path generated by the CAM software.

Post processing is a coding program that compiles machining process, tool selection, tool path and cutting parameters to create instruction files used by CNC machines.

After automatically programmed tool path calculation, the tool position data file is generated, not the CNC program. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to try to convert the tool path file into a program that can be executed by the specified CNC machine, and then input it into the control system through communication or DNC to perform automatic part machining.

When installing CNC programming software (CAD/CAM), the system will automatically set up some post-processing programs. When the CNC system used by the programmer corresponds to it, the corresponding post-processing program can be directly selected, and the post-processing program selected during actual processing should also be consistent with the programmer's system.

Therefore, when using CAM software for CNC programming, the post-processor must be set and modified as necessary to meet the requirements of the system and the file format.

If a programmer has little understanding of the basic CNC system requirements and does not set up a post-processor when performing CNC programming, coding errors or redundant instructions will result. This requires that NC programs must be manually added or deleted before transferring the program to the CNC machine. If the modification is incorrect, it can easily cause an accident.

The following is a list of the most commonly used post-processor files for CNC routers with Vectric Aspire software.

3 Axis CNC Router Post Processor Files for STM6090, STM1212, STM1325, STM1530, STM2030, STM2040.


3 Axis Series with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) Post Processor Files for STM1325C, STM1325D, STM1530C, STM1530D, STM2030C, STM2040D.


4 Axis CNC Router R1 Series Post Processing Files for STM1325-R1, STM1530-R1, STM1625-R1, STM2030-R1.


4 Axis R3 Series Post Processing Files for STM1325-R3, STM1530-R3, STM1625-R3, STM2030-R3.


4 Axis R1 Series with ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) Post Processing Files for STM1325C-R1, STM1530D-R1, STM2030C-R1, STM2040D-R1.


We'll always strive to keep updating various post-processor files to match different CAM software.

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