CO2 Laser Marking Machine for MDF Engraving

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This video shows how does STJ-80C CO2 laser marking machine engrave on MDF board, it can etch on wood, MDF, plywood, glass, leather, and more nonmetals.
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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for MDF Engraving

CO2 laser marking machine consists of CO2 laser generator, high-speed scanning galvanometer, and laser beam expanding focusing system, with high marking accuracy and fast speed. The height of the CO2 laser generator can be adjusted up and down, easy to use, and can be replaced. Long continuous working time, clear and beautiful marking, powerful software, serial number marking, flying marking. Fixed laser marking design, simple operation, perfect upper and lower ventilation system, working environmental protection and safety. It can mark a variety of non-metallic materials and some metal projects.

CO2 laser marking machine uses infrared light band, 10.64μm gas laser, CO2 gas is charged into the high-voltage discharge tube to generate glow discharge, so that gas molecules release laser, and the laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for material marking, the laser beam vaporizes the surface of the processed body to achieve the purpose of marking.

CO2 Laser Wood Marking Machine
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