MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Colors on Stainless Steel

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You will understand how does a fiber laser engraver with MOPA laser source for colors marking on stainless steel in this video.
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MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Colors on Stainless Steel

Color marking on stainless steels as a process is known for sometime but still it has not been used widely in the industry. Some industrial applications have been seen. New MOPA fiber laser marking machines allow independent tuning different laser parameters and the marking process can be optimized for producing colors with better quality and visual appearance. Laser processing of metal surfaces creates an oxide layer on the surface. The thickness of this layer defines how white light is reflected from the sample. What in principle is only a thin oxide layer on the surface can be seen as different colors by the viewer. In this video, the visual appearance of laser marked surfaces was optimized by varying different laser parameters. The aim was to create a uniform oxide layers on the surface which would appear as a high quality color marking. Marking quality was evaluated by visual examination. Relation of different laser parameters to produced color is discussed based on these results. 

MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver Applications

1. Alumine sheet stripped surface,No deformation,fine marking.

2. Alumine sheet black color marking.

3. Metal depth marking.

4. Stainless steel color marking, It can marking different colors by setting the parameters.

5. PC, ABS plastic Without yellow color, smooth.

6. Light transmission paint keyboard, easy to make it pervious to light.

7. Electronic,semiconductor components, ITO precision machining, the pulse can be adjusted to get best facula, and make the power balance.

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