Laser Paper Cutting Machine for Wedding Invitation Card

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You will understand how does a laser paper cutting machine make custom wedding invitation card with CO2 laser tube in this video.
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Laser Paper Cutting Machine for Wedding Invitation Card

Laser paper cutting machine with CO2 laser tube is used to engrave and cut paper, acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, wood, bamboo, leather, cloth, double-color board, and more nonmetal materials.

Laser Paper Cutting Machine Features:

1. RECI brand laser tube is very popular among customers, its lifetime is 3 times longer than the common laser tubes.

2. Stepper motor providing enough power to ensure the high speed.

3. Taiwan HIWIN linear rail for transmission to ensure high precision, faster speed, lower noise, and its lifetime is 10 times longer than the common rail ways.

4. Honeycomb worktable for soft materials like paper, leather, and fabric to keep the material as flat as possible. Aluminum knife table for option, which is mainly used for hard materials like wood, acrylic, helping small cutted pieces fall off. If you work on both hard and soft material, we can make the table with double use.

5. Ruida control system, supporting offline work. There is USB interface on the panel to support U disk, very convenient.

6. Red pointer will help position the laser, protecting operator.

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