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                                                                                                3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cut 16mm Carbon Steel

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                                                                                                You will review how does STYLECNC 3000W fiber laser metal cutting machine with Raycus laser source cut 16mm carbon steel in this video.
                                                                                                 4.9/5 Based On 36 Votes

                                                                                                 Aug 11, 2021  Aug 11, 2021  Jimmy  404

                                                                                                Fiber laser cutters can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum with different laser powers. Fiber laser cutting machines can cut arbitrary design patterns on carbon steel sheets with high speed, high precision, one-time molding, no need for subsequent processing. No mold is needed, cost saving, visible layout, close fit, and material saving. Because there is no optical lens in the resonant cavity of the fiber laser cutting machine, it has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance, and high stability. It can be applied to harsh working environment and has a high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, humidity and temperature.

                                                                                                Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%.

                                                                                                Generally, it also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. Generally, the higher the carbon content of carbon steel, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity.

                                                                                                According to the quality of steel, carbon steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel (higher phosphorus and sulfur), high-quality carbon steel (lower phosphorus and sulfur) and high-quality steel (lower phosphorus and sulfur) and special grade High-quality steel. According to the carbon content, carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel (WC ≤ 0.25%), medium carbon steel (WC0.25%—0.6%) and high carbon steel (WC>0.6%).

                                                                                                Carbon steel is generally used to manufacture engineering structures and ordinary mechanical parts, such as bolts, nuts, pins, hooks and mechanical parts, as well as rebar, section steel, and steel bars in building structures.

                                                                                                License: The text of "3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cut 16mm Carbon Steel" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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