Fiber Laser System Printing Name Plates of Stainless Steel

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STJ-30F fiber laser marking system with 30W Raycus fiber laser generator is suitable for fine printing name plates of stainless steel and other metals.
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Fiber Laser System Printing Name Plates of Stainless Steel

Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Systems Printing Name Plates of Stainless Steel

1. High Speed: Perfect combination of software, hardware and high-speed galvanometer scanner realize high speed marking.

2. No Consumables: Improved lifetime of laser module, maintenance free, and no consumables ensure low maintenance and operation cost.

3. Lower Energy Consumption: Significant operation cost reduction due to about 50% photoelectric conversion efficiency.

4. Widely Suitable: Pulse frequency can be modulated from 1KHz to 1000 KHZ to satisfy different application requirments of various materials.

5. High Stability: Optimized design of control system ensures stable processing and yield rate.

6. High Reliability: Rapid cache transmission control, choice optical and electronic elements to ensure continuous work in long time and capacity.

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