2022 Best Handheld Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

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You will see how does 2022 best pulsed laser cleaning machine remove coating, stains, dirt from locomotive parts, metal parts, gear, mold, transmission, and sheet metals.
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2022 Best Handheld Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld pulsed laser cleaning machine is a type of portable laser ablation or photoablation system with handheld laser cleaning gun that uses high-frequency laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the object, which allows the coating layer to absorb the energy of the laser instantly, causing the rust spots, oil stains or coatings on the surface of the object to be peeled off or evaporated instantaneously. Effectively removes surface coatings or deposits, and the laser pulses are short-lived and will not harm the substrate with the right settings.

Pulsed laser cleaning is a photophysical reaction produced by the interaction between high-energy laser beams, short-pulse lasers and contamination layers.

Plasma is only generated when the energy density is above a threshold, which depends on the contamination or oxide layer being removed. This threshold effect is important for effective cleaning while keeping the substrate material safe. There is also a second threshold for the appearance of plasma. If the energy density exceeds this threshold, the substrate material will be destroyed. In order to carry out effective cleaning on the premise of ensuring the safety of the substrate material, the laser parameters must be adjusted according to the situation, so that the energy density of the light pulse is strictly between two thresholds.

Each laser pulse can only remove a certain thickness of the contamination layer. If the contamination layer is thick, multiple pulses are required for cleaning. The number of pulses required to clean the surface depends on the degree of surface contamination. An important consequence of the two thresholds is the self-control of cleaning. Light pulses with an energy density above the first threshold will reject contaminants until they reach the substrate material. However, since its energy density is below the destruction threshold of the substrate material, the substrate is not damaged.

Laser cleaning applications are primarily driven by the market need for a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning method that can be used as an alternative to the previously used chemical cleaning, hand cleaning and abrasive jet cleaning methods.

The shortcomings of traditional cleaning methods have prompted the application of laser technology in the field of surface cleaning. Due to its many advantages, laser cleaning is now the most effective method for removing unwanted substances from the surface of materials.

Today, pulsed laser cleaning and decoating systems are used in a variety of applications, from ablation to remove vulcanization residues from tire mold and engraved surfaces, to stripping insulation from wires, and removing coatings from fine surfaces.

It can quickly remove rust, paint, coating, resin, plating, oxidation, stains, oil, and dirt on the surface.

The use of lasers for polishing, surface cleaning and coating removal is rapidly expanding. Depending on the application, the pulse frequency, energy and wavelength of the laser must be precisely selected to clean, polish and ablate the target material.

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