How to DIY Metal Credit Cards with Laser Engraving Machine?

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Looking for a laser engraving machine to DIY metal credit cards from Visa or Mastercard? Need a laser engraver to custom credit card blanks with metal and plastic (PVCA) for your business, review the fiber laser marking machine for personalized credit card making plans & projects.
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How to DIY Metal Credit Cards with Laser Engraving Machine?

Some popular sharing videos of DIY metal credit cards on TikTok and Google shorts will attract your attention in daily life. The video creators can print a personalized text or pattern, or even a photo on the card in seconds. In fact, this is a very simple matter, a fiber laser engraver can quickly complete this artistic work. Moreover, a CO2 or fiber laser cutter can also do the shape or profile cutting of the card.

What is Credit Card?

A credit card is a non-cash transaction payment method and a credit service provided by the banking industry. Credit cards are generally plastic cards with a length of 85.60 mm, a width of 53.98 mm, and a thickness of 0.76 mm (the size is defined by the ISO 7810 and 7816 series of documents). There are also metal credit cards face on the market. The financial resources are distributed to the cardholder, and the cardholder does not need to pay cash when spending with the credit card, and repay the bill on the day of the bill. Except for some credit cards combined with financial cards, ordinary credit cards are different from debit cards and debit cards. Credit cards will not be directly deducted from the user's account.

What is Metal Credit Card?

Metal credit card is a type of payment card made or decorated with metal (stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium or precious metals) issued by the bank or the financial services sector. The card can be customized with a fiber laser engraver as your requirements. Laser engraved metal credit cards can make your name or brand stand out. Fiber laser marking machine can engrave text or patterns on metal cards. Make your business extraordinary, attract more customers and make an impact with custom metal credit cards.

The customized metal cards can be used as VIP cards, metal plates, nameplates, commemorative cards, seat cards, promotional gift cards, metal tags, name cards, as well as personalized artwork, or as DIY crafts for friends or family.

The most popular colors of metal credit card blanks include chrome silver, rose gold, 24K mirror gold, matte black, bronze, brushed black, brushed silver, iridescent, white, red, purple, blue, pink, and yellow to suit you custom laser engraving requirements.

How to Choose the Best Budget Laser Engraver for Metal Credit Cards?

If you are working for a business for making personalized metal credit card, or you want to start laser engraved custom metal credit card plans to make money, a fiber laser engraving machine will help you to DIY metal credit cards with gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, alloy, magnesium.

Except for printing on metal, fiber laser marking machines can also print on plastic (PVCA) credit cards.

In addition, MOPA fiber laser engravers can etch colors on stainless steel and titanium, high power fiber laser marking machine can do deep engraving on metal credit cards.

In short, metal credit cards engraving machine prices are from $3,150.00 to $22,800.00 within your budget, don’t hesitate to invest in a fiber laser engraver to start your business with personalized credit cards making.

Desktop Fiber Laser Engraver for Credit Card Engraving

Color Laser Engraver for Credit Card Engraving

In addition, a fiber laser engraver can also etch personalized metal business cards and metal playing cards made of gold, silver, stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. With a higher power fiber laser generator, the laser etching machine can also cut thin metal cards.

Laser Engraved and Cut Rose Gold Business Cards

Color Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Business Cards

Deep Laser Engraved Aluminum Business Cards

What is Credit Card Laser Engraving Machine?

Credit card laser engraving machine is a type of laser marking machine that uses fiber laser generator to leave permanent logo, sign, date, name, number, text, pattern, or photo on the surface of metal or plastic credit cards.

What are Credit Cards Made of?

Most of credit cards are made of laminated plastics. In addition, credit cards can also be made of brushed stainless steel, gold, copper, brass, silver, palladium, or titanium. Some are even designed with metal plastic composites.

How Many Types of Credit Card Laser Engravers?

There are three most common types of credit card laser engravers: Fiber laser engravers are used for both plastics and metals, with MOPA fiber laser source, colors can be engraved on stainless steel and titanium, they are the most popular laser engraving machine for credit cards. CO2 laser engravers can be only used for plastics and other nonmetal materials. UV laser marking machines are professional for plastics, but for engraved metals, it is not as good as fiber lasers, and the price is higher. All types of laser engravers can be euipped with conveyor belt for credit cards industrial mass production with assembly line. We call it online flying laser marking, or marking on the fly.

How Much Does A Credit Card Engraving Machine Cost?

An entry level credit card engraving machine is priced from $3,150.00. The best budget credit card laser engraver's price range is from $3600.00 up to $8000.00. An online flying industrial laser engraving machine costs minimum $4,800.00, and up to $12,000.00.

Laser Metal Credit Card Cutting Machine

In addition, you can also choose CO2 laser cutting machine or fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal credit cards, but fiber laser metal cutting machine is a little expensive. The price of a CO2 laser sheet metal cutter starts from $6,800, and the cost of a fiber laser metal credit card cutter is worth a minimum of $17,800.

CO2 Laser Metal Credit Card Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Metal Credit Card Cutting Machine
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