150W CO2 Laser Cutter STJ1390 Cut 18mm MDF Board

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You will see 150W CO2 laser cutter STJ1390 cutting 18mm MDF board in this video, we have more types with different working area and laser powers for choose.
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150W CO2 Laser Cutter STJ1390 Cut 18mm MDF Board

MDF is a good cutting material, and the perfect cutting of MDF can be achieved by a laser cutting machine.

MDF Laser Cutting Machine STJ1390 Configurations

1. Working area 1300*900mm.

2. 150W RECI laser tube.

3. Leetro 6525 controller.

4. Leadshine 573S15-L motor and 3ND583 driver.

5. Taiwan Hiwin rail guide.

6. Shanghai Fulong belt.

7. Singapore lens and mirrors.

8. Blade table.

9. Red point.

10. Auto focus.

11. Air pump ACO-009.

12. Water chiller CW5300.

13. Dust collector 550w.

14. Standard tool box.

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