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                                                                                      CNC Router Software

                                                                                      CNC Router Parts, Bits, Tools

                                                                                       4.8/5 - 31 votes

                                                                                      $10.00 - $600.00

                                                                                      100 Sets / Month In Stock

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                                                                                      Professional CNC router software Type3 Router8, which can do 2D, 2.5D and 3D carving/cutting. Get the best CNC router software from STYLECNC.

                                                                                      Product Overview

                                                                                      Product Introduction

                                                                                      2D applications of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      • Sign makers

                                                                                      • ACM cutting

                                                                                      • Cabinet makers

                                                                                      • Engraving

                                                                                      • Packaging (dies)

                                                                                      • Carpet cutting

                                                                                      • Marquetry

                                                                                      • Stone carving

                                                                                      • POP/POS making

                                                                                      • Plastic routing

                                                                                      • Countertop cutting

                                                                                      2D Features of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      Ruler/Dialer creation

                                                                                      Router8 provide a Ruler/Dialer wizard to let user create ruler or dialer just steps, save design time.

                                                                                      FREE FORM NESTING

                                                                                      Entry & Professional Nesting tools help save more materials and money. RouterType will create as many extra layers you need to nest all your pieces, with ability to set tool clearance, spacing and angle rotation(s).

                                                                                      ADVANCED NODE EDITION

                                                                                      Industry leading advanced node editing allows the user to smooth curves, straighten lines, square or round corners in a single click. Additional Features include adding or subtracting nodes, simplifying curves, moving start points, and opening or closing contours.

                                                                                      IMPORT FORMAT

                                                                                      - DXF, ISO, HPGL, IGES, STEP, STL, SAT, *NC, WMF

                                                                                      - EPS, AI, BMP, DIG, PNG, TIFF, JPG, +OLE protocol

                                                                                      IMAGE EDITION

                                                                                      If you need some graphic capabilities, a bitmap editor is integrated at no extra cost. The bitmap editing feature will modify the color attributes such as number of color bit and grayscale and painting with pencil, brush and spray. The bitmap editor will also resize, resample, skew, mirror and rotate the image, etc...

                                                                                      SYMBOL LIBRARY

                                                                                      Populate your library with your own artwork or choose from thousands of symbols available in RouterType.


                                                                                      This feature converts any graphical image to geometric vectors. Conversion can be made with black and white or full color artworks. Advanced parameters help you handle images of any quality. Center-line vectorization is also available.


                                                                                      Envelope feature enables you placing a text inside an envelope, the text would be auto scaled and transformed.Router’8 provides envelope samples in symbal libary, you can creat your envelope yourself.

                                                                                      Create sign with Variables and Matrix

                                                                                      Router8 supports variable text and matrix, user can create signs in batch mode with these functions.

                                                                                      TEXT FEATURE

                                                                                      Industry leading text creation that in- cludes standard layout features. Use any TrueType font or the fonts provided by Type3. Advanced tools such as kerning, inclining, spacing, and more gives you 100% control of the font modification. Even create your own library of fonts. Text can even be created and edited along a curve or imported directly from a Word document as editable text.

                                                                                      CAM applications of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      • V-carve

                                                                                      • Easy tool creation wizard

                                                                                      • Sharp angle finishing

                                                                                      • Bevel• Chamfrein

                                                                                      • Ramping out

                                                                                      • Finishing

                                                                                      • Cutting

                                                                                      • Threading

                                                                                      CAM Features of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      2D & 2.5D MULTI-TOOL SEQUENCE

                                                                                      Create multiple toolpaths and sequence them as one to optimize the machining time and distance. Add as many tools you like for roughing, semi-roughing and finishing machining strategies. Have full control on the parameters of each machining job (depth, step-over, etc...).

                                                                                      MACHINING TIME ESTIMATE

                                                                                      Preview the estimated time of your machining. Export machining report for your operators.

                                                                                      Enhanced CAM functions

                                                                                      Router’8 CAM module has been totally revamped to always and better fit the needs of professional Signmakers: Increased produc- tion, improved quality and maximum se-curity with opti-mized toolpath calculation.

                                                                                      COLOR MACHINING

                                                                                      Save time in your process. Under a color, save all your machining strategies and parameters. Greatly reducing the time from vectors to G-code.

                                                                                      THE BEST G-CODE EVER

                                                                                      Toolpath strategies for 2, 3 and 4 axis deliver fast, reliable and very accurate NC-codes.

                                                                                      TOOL CREATION WIZARD

                                                                                      Highly graphic and very intuitive, you can create tools of almost any shape and customize your own parameters (feed rate, plunge speed, spindle speed...). You can also set tool numbers for your Tool Changer. Special tools can also be designed. Security of depth is also available.

                                                                                      INTAGLIO (Advanced V-Carve)

                                                                                      In a single step, make beautiful 3D recessed engraving. It is especially adapted for 3D engraving with a conical tool. The depth of your engraving adjusts with the width of the contours.

                                                                                      3D applications of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      • Sign making

                                                                                      • Woodworking

                                                                                      • Thermoforming

                                                                                      • 3D machining

                                                                                      • Moulding

                                                                                      • Sculpted 3D plaques

                                                                                      • Molded letters

                                                                                      • Ornaments

                                                                                      • GIS Terrain machining

                                                                                      3D Features of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      FROM ARTWORK TO 3D

                                                                                      In a few clicks, TypeArt features take 2D contours to grow on the 3D-Relief. The user has complete control over the height, profile, accuracy and flow of the designs using user friendly design tools for any artistic challenge.

                                                                                      3D VIEWER

                                                                                      In the design process, the user can view the shape as a solid and orientate and zoom the object in any direction for opti- mal view.

                                                                                      SURFACE TOOLS

                                                                                      They deliver entry and advanced surface tools for more free form designs. Easily create cones, spheres, torus, cylinder, etc... and also benefit from tools such as surface revolution, network surface, coons network, rules surfaces, etc... This section also offers professional projection and wrapping on any surface.

                                                                                      Sweeping TypeArt

                                                                                      Powerful sweeping function with multiple options let user create complex typeart in a easy way.

                                                                                      3D TEXTURE

                                                                                      This feature allows you to fill a 3D-Relief with 3D textures. Those can be easily created using Fractal or Spread modes and you can even get a texture from the database. Any 3D-Relief can also be used as a texture.

                                                                                      REALISTIC RENDERING

                                                                                      Giving Life to Your 3D Models. TypeView allows you to beautifully display and create a scene around your TypeArt objects. This new Rendering platform offers all the functionality you can find in a professional photographer's studio, thanks to all the possible effects with light, scenery, different materials, transparency, etc... The renderings created using this module can be sent by e-mail, printed and used for your catalogs or marketing material.

                                                                                      SCULPTED 3D PLAQUES

                                                                                      From artwork to 3D file, Type3 delivers all the technology necessary such as bas-relief detailing, 3D boolean, 3D wrapping, sculpting, texturing for the best 3D plaques on the market.

                                                                                      MALE & FEMALE

                                                                                      In a single click, convert your model in male or female. Options include a full mirror of only mirroring specified axis.

                                                                                      FROM GRAYSCALE TO 3D

                                                                                      Easily convert a grayscale image into a 3D-Relief (and vice-versa) with full control on the progression result. The higher the grayscale the higher the Z-height, the darker the grayscale the lower the Z-height and all other shades of gray fall in-between.

                                                                                      Creat section with compress mode

                                                                                      Router8 provides more options while creating section, software can auto scale shape in width or height to generate a more smooth and beautiful relief.

                                                                                      3D-CLAY-SCULPTING TOOLS

                                                                                      Like sculpting by hand, this section delivers features such as adding, pushing, hand-carving, smoothing... all you need to make a more realistic piece. Use a mask to protect sensitive areas and mirror to duplicate some sculpting operations.


                                                                                      Many of the same duplication tools in the 2D are also available in 3D relief. Duplication features include duplication 3D reliefs in an array, matrix, and along a curve.

                                                                                      TOOL TESTER

                                                                                      This feature is designed to help you make the best tool decision to save machining time. It will graphically simulate the theoretical result of a 3D-Relief object. It will help you select the best tool for the job. In addition to the theoretical model and the machined model, a view of the difference between the two models is also produced.

                                                                                      BAS RELIEF ENHANCEMENT

                                                                                      This function will put enhanced detail into a 3D scene. It enables some details that would have been completely flattened to remain visible. The user controls the width, height, and scale of the details.


                                                                                      This feature will deform a 3D-Relief into a defined area. It is particularly useful to create a 3D decoration in a linear mode and then to deform it to suit a curve frame and other decorations.

                                                                                      WEAVING (Celtic-style design)

                                                                                      This function will automatically produce a “Woven” effect by providing a profile path and the shape cross-section. There are several options to control how the intersections of the profiles are controlled in 3D.

                                                                                      3D CAM applications of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      • Sign making

                                                                                      • Woodworking

                                                                                      • Thermoforming

                                                                                      • 3D machining

                                                                                      • Moulding

                                                                                      • Sculpted 3D plaques

                                                                                      • Molded letters

                                                                                      • Ornaments

                                                                                      3D CAM Features of CNC router software Type3 Router8:

                                                                                      3D SEQUENCE

                                                                                      This strategy will quickly calculate a toolpath using several tools from the largest to the smallest one. The toolpaths are optimized so that the next tool only cuts the areas that have not been milled previously.

                                                                                      FINISHING STRATEGY

                                                                                      To optimize your machining time and to obtain the best result, you can customized this strategy. You can set the thickness of the passes, the orientation, the type of pass (contouring or raster), step-over, whether you are machining on a flat form or on a complex shape.

                                                                                      TOOLPATH MAPPING

                                                                                      Select the surface and the pattern to project, an extra tab Mapping appears defining your toolpath. See the section Mapping Tab in the overview about toolpath, software would auto map toolpath to the selected surface based on the setting. You can use the mapping command in the context menu of tool list also.

                                                                                      3D NC SIMULATION

                                                                                      Preview in real life your machining job through this video where you can see your tool (and not just a ghost-shape) running over your jobs. You have full control on the video simulation, by pausing, rewinding, accelerating or slowing. You can customize material type (wood, stone, metal, etc). This NC-Simulation will also show you the toolpath geometry, the air-moves, and more…

                                                                                      TOOLPATH MANAGEMENT

                                                                                      Just as the 3D relief has the history design tree, toolpath generation also uses this advanced technology. The system keeps track of each toolpath and its parameters. Each parameter is saved within the part and can be modified at any time in the future. Some key parameters that can be modified are machine depths, feeds and speeds, different tools and different shapes.

                                                                                      REMAINING MATERIALS

                                                                                      This feature is designed to help in your tool decision by showing you graphically areas with left-over material.

                                                                                      Some of the Router8 3D CAD/CAM Features:

                                                                                      Modeling Compatibility with digital tablets (i.e. Wacom)

                                                                                      Creation of Relief from 2D Contours

                                                                                      Customized Compression Modes

                                                                                      Library of customizable profiles Basic sweeping tool (profile along a curve)

                                                                                      Advanced sweeping tool (profiles between rails)

                                                                                      Professional sweeping tool (with compression profile)

                                                                                      Rope or Twist effect

                                                                                      Fit sweeping creat 3D relief from 3 views

                                                                                      2D geometric tools (cf. 2D geometric tools in 2D features list)

                                                                                      Conversion of text in vectors (cf Dynamic Text in 2D features list)

                                                                                      Auto-Conversion of Grayscale Images into 3D Relief

                                                                                      Modification of grayscale heights

                                                                                      Smoothness set-up features in grayscale conversion

                                                                                      Conversion of 3D-Relief in Grayscale image

                                                                                      Matrix duplication of 3D-Relief models

                                                                                      Circular duplication of 3D-Relief models

                                                                                      Duplication of 3D Surfaces along a curve

                                                                                      Slicing of 3D-Relief (to retrieve contours)

                                                                                      Boolean operations (add, subtract, merge min., merge max…)

                                                                                      Male & Female flip


                                                                                      Weaving (Celtic-style 3D design tool)

                                                                                      Bas-Relief details enhancement

                                                                                      Raise details feature

                                                                                      3D textures library

                                                                                      Advanced 3D Texturing Fractal

                                                                                      Advanced 3D Texturing Spread

                                                                                      Fast 3D Viewer

                                                                                      Camera position customizable in 3D-Viewer

                                                                                      Lighting position customizable in 3D-Viewer

                                                                                      High Quality Ray-Tracing Rendering

                                                                                      Materials library for rendering

                                                                                      Pre-loaded scenes for more realistic rendering

                                                                                      Rendering Background customizable

                                                                                      3D-Clay Sculpting tools

                                                                                      Hand-style sculpting (strength, depth, radius…)

                                                                                      Advanced sculpting using Color Masks

                                                                                      Mirrored Sculpting feature (unlimited)

                                                                                      Re-adjust 3D-Relief height

                                                                                      Tool tester to preview machining result from a tool

                                                                                      Remaining material calculation

                                                                                      Extraction of the contours of the remaining material

                                                                                      Facet (flat skin)

                                                                                      Measurements tools (see same section in 2D features list)

                                                                                      Some of the Router8 2D & 2.5D CAD/CAM Features

                                                                                      Pro Snap Tools (grid, gravity, center, on a point, middle…)

                                                                                      Import/Export Graphic Files Format (BMP, TIFF, EPS, AI, JPG...)

                                                                                      Import/Export Mechanical Files Format (DXF, KCD, HPGL, PLT, IGES, ISO, WMF, *NC...)

                                                                                      Library of Engraving & Signs Symbols

                                                                                      Advanced Zoom / Automatic Save (custom) / Customized Grids and Guides

                                                                                      Dynamic Measure Tools (Distance, Perimeter, Angle, Surface...)

                                                                                      Geometrical 2D design tools

                                                                                      Free-hand design (mouse or digital pad)

                                                                                      Trim feature / Extend Curve tool

                                                                                      Advanced Nodes Editor / Intersection locator

                                                                                      Dynamic Text Mode Editor / Create-your-own Fonts

                                                                                      Surface builder (sphere, cylinder, cone, tore, cube…)

                                                                                      Revolution Surface (partial, full, angle…)

                                                                                      Advanced Surface Tools (Coons, Network, Ruled, Skinned, Swept)

                                                                                      Parallel Projection on surfaceExtend / Merge / Untrim surfaces

                                                                                      Scan to Vector (B&W, Color, Raster to Vector, Stroke Line)

                                                                                      Transform Tools (Boolean, merge, subtract, add…)

                                                                                      Matrix / Circular / Select & Drop duplication with advanced set-up

                                                                                      Duplication along a curve with advanced set-up

                                                                                      Homothetic duplication along a curve

                                                                                      Mirror Duplication and Flips / Morphing Offset (Outline/Inline, Round & Flat Corners)

                                                                                      Conversion in Art & Segment / Curve Segmentation

                                                                                      Reverse contour directions

                                                                                      Auto-Conversion of Rough curves to straight shapes

                                                                                      Alignment Tools (between objects, on table, resize...)

                                                                                      Matrix Layout (Serialization) / Dials / Rulers wizard

                                                                                      2D Texturing with 20+ customizable styles

                                                                                      Free Form Nesting (angle rotation, direction, starting point, tool clearance…)

                                                                                      Crop/Punch tool/Envelope/Morphing

                                                                                      Color for CAM (Shortcut Vectors to G-Code, unlimited colors)

                                                                                      Inlaid Work (offset, angle radius, nesting on male pieces…)

                                                                                      Cutting strategies (in, out, bridges, round corners….)

                                                                                      Plotting (center tool on vector, one way, forward & backward…)

                                                                                      Drilling (spot-drill, multi-step with Z up, multi-step without Z up…)

                                                                                      Engraving (step-over, pass thickness customizable, conventional or climb milling…)

                                                                                      Multi-tool Sequence (unlimited tools upload, fully custom…)

                                                                                      Milling/Pocketing (step-over, pass thickness customizable, angle definition per pass…)

                                                                                      Intaglio (V-Carve, standard or optimized mode)

                                                                                      Preview of remaining material

                                                                                      3D-Real life Toolpath Simulation

                                                                                      Tool Creation Wizard (Bit types or Beams, Dimensions, Feed rates...)

                                                                                      Tangential Entry and Exit / Custom Bridges

                                                                                      2, 3 and/or 4 Axis Machining / Time Estimate / Fine-Tuned Post Processor at Installation

                                                                                      If you have any questions about CNC router software - Type3 - Router8, please view in the following PDF document for Router8:

                                                                                      Type3 - Router8.pdf

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