MDF Cutting CNC Router STM1325-R3 with 4x8 Table Size

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This is a testing video of STM1325-R3 CNC router with 4x8 size for MDF cutting, the MDF cutting speed is up to 12m/min, the 4x8 CNC router can also be equipped with servo motor to get more higher cutting speed.
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MDF Cutting CNC Router STM1325-R3 with 4x8 Table Size

STM1325-R3 CNC router with 4x8 size and 3KW water-cooling spindle, which can cut 3/4" MDF with cutting speed of 12m/min. The 4x8 CNC router can also be equipped with servo motor to get more higher cutting speed.

If your work is just for normal cutting and carving, the standard STM1325-R3 CNC router with 4x8 size is enough.

The standard STM1325-R3 (4x8ft) CNC router specs:

# Working area:1300*2500*200mm

# 3.0KW water-cooling spindle

# Taiwan Hiwin 20 rails

# X/Y axis helical rack and pinion transmission

# Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

# RichAuto A11 DSP control system

# T-slot table with PVC

# Fuling inverter

# Leadshine M860 driver+450B motor

# Manual Lubrication

# Tool Sensor

# Artcam and JDpaint software

# France Schneider electric components

# Omron limit sensor

# Woodworking Tools (φ3.175,φ4,φ6,φ12.7)

# Tool box (All the necessary tools)

Standard STM1325-R3 CNC router with 4x8 size is one completely machine to use directly after receiver it.

For STM1325-R3 CNC router with 4x8 size, there are some optional items like these:

# 4 axis rotary device

# Vacuum table

# Vacuum pump

# Dust collector

# Italy HSD 3KW spindle

# Chinese air-cooling spindle

# Chinese servo motor

# Japan Yaskawa servo motor

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