ATC CNC Shoe Mold Making Machine with Auto Tool Changer

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You will understand how does an ATC CNC milling machine for shoe mold making in this video, the CNC shoe mold making machine adopts automatic tool changer with 4-6 tools.
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ATC CNC Shoe Mold Making Machine with Auto Tool Changer


1. The bed is integrally cast, with good rigidity and good vibration reduction.

2. Adopt high-precision linear guide rail and ground screw.

3. Adopt international standard G code instructions, compatible with various CAD/CAM software, easy to operate and use.

4. Strong rigidity, high precision, curved surface processing, and high surface finish.

5. Automatic Tool Changer System.


ATC CNC shoe mold making machine is used to engrave various wood molds, molds, propellers and other molds; steel molds, blister molds, hot stamping molds, aluminum molds, shoe molds, iron molds, copper molds, watches, glasses, electronic treatments 3D machining and precision machining of the surface of tools, prototypes, insulating materials, mobile phone cases, and other materials.

ATC CNC shoe mold making machine is suitable for precision mould industry, toy industry, handicraft industry, etc. It can be used to process copper electrodes, stamping molds, hot stamping molds, hardware molds, glue molds, rubber molds, etc. It can also be used for batch processing of hardware products such as watches and glasses accessories.

Engraving and milling materials include steel, iron, copper, plastic, wood, acrylic, etc.; mold industry engraving, plastic mold industry, watch glasses industry, mobile phone manufacturing, fine punching dies, bronzing molds, high-frequency molds, embossing wheel molds, and graphite electrodes .

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