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                                                                  Nesting CNC Router Machine with Automatic Feeding System

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                                                                  Nesting CNC router machine with automatic loading & unloading system can be used in cabinet doors, home doors, decorations, and more panel furniture making.
                                                                  4.7 (36)

                                                                   Jun 25, 2016  Claire  971

                                                                  Automatic Nesting CNC Router Machine Advantages:

                                                                  1. Highly automated nesting CNC router machine with automatic loading and unloading system. The complete work cycle of loading, nesting, drilling and unloading is carried out automatically, which results in maximum productivity and zero down time.

                                                                  2. Humanizing design of the machine control interface,very simple to operate, requiring only minimal training of operator, do not need specialized operation technical personnel, high efficiency.

                                                                  3. World‘s first class components--Italian high-frequency electro spindle, Taiwan SYNTEC control system, German servo motors and drivers, high precision planetary gear reducers, etc,stable performance and long service life.

                                                                  4. The world leading vacuum table, high adsorption capacity, can be strong adsorption of materials of different sizes, density, no deformation.

                                                                  5. Truly versatile--nesting, routeing, vertical drilling, engraving,side milling and edge grinding all in one. It is well-suited for panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets production.

                                                                  Automatic Nesting CNC Router Machine Features:

                                                                  1. We use High Quality spare parts for this machine .Such as Italian HSD Spindle, YASKAWA AC Servo system,German Becker Pump and so on .It is with stable performance.

                                                                  2. Centralized automatic lubrication system.

                                                                  3. Centralized dust collection control system

                                                                  4. Tool automatic compensation system.

                                                                  5. Automatic backlash preloading mechanism.

                                                                  6. Two Z axes rise and descend mechanism

                                                                  7. High rigidity design.Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and rail guide.

                                                                  8. Italy HSD auto tool changing high frequency spindle.

                                                                  9. Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver.

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