Large Format 5 Axis CNC Router for Foam Milling

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Large format 5 axis CNC router machine for foam milling & routing is used to cut 3D shapes out of EPS foam, styrofoam, polyethylene, or polyurethane.
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Large Format 5 Axis CNC Router for Foam Milling


5 axis CNC foam router machine is a professional CNC equipment for milling & cutting styrofoam (foam). It is a light CNC machine tool. Compared with heavy metal milling machines, the rigidity and precision requirements of styrofoam CNC machines are slightly lower. 5 axis CNC foam milling & cutting machines are produced according to the idea of metal milling machines. The important processing parts of the machine tools are subjected to annealing and other heat treatment processes. After the milling is completed, three-axis measurement is carried out to ensure the accuracy of the parts.


Casting mold industry: It can be used for the precision production of various casting wooden molds for automobiles, ships, aviation, trains, and EPS foam lost foams. It can also be used for the development and production of automotive interior decorations and exhibition decoration materials.

Casting sculpture industry: processing and engraving of various casting process products, lost foam, exhibition decoration materials, and GRG decoration materials.

Building decoration industry: processing and production of GRG, GRC and other building decoration materials.

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