CNC Lathe Turning Machine for Round Wood Machining

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CNC lathe and turning machine is used for various cylindrical work pieces, bowl sharp, stairway balusters, wood spindles, and stairway newel posts.
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CNC Lathe Turning Machine for Round Wood Machining

This is our STL1516-2 CNC lathe and turning machine, it mainly used for various cylindrical workpieces, bowl sharp, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts, various staircase column, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, dining table legs, end table legs, sofa table legs, bar stool legs, etc.

Features of our STL1516-2 CNC lathe and turning machine:

1. Heavy Cast iron lathe bed. avoid shaking when the spindle rotates fast or the big sizes workpiece process, and the  main spindle speed can be adjusted through the frequency converter.

2. This machine with one chuck and one backlash. This model support upgrade to two chucks and two backlash.You can mount on material to two chucks and complete the work piece simultaneously. One operator could run 2-3 pcs of cnc wood lathe at the same time for saving salary cost. 

3.Taiwan PMI helical guide Germany ball screw,high precision and durable.

4. Autocad software, it is easier for drawing design .

5. DSP handle controller with USD interface, it is easier for allign cutters than computer . 

6. Spindle speed data is shown on the cabinet panel.

7. Only one time tool setting.

Samples of our STL1516-2 CNC lathe and turning machine:

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