ATC Woodworking CNC Router with Pneumatic Tool Changer

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Affordable ATC woodworking CNC router with pneumatic tool changer is an economical CNC machine with 2-4 types of bits, no need to change tools when working.
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ATC Woodworking CNC Router with Pneumatic Tool Changer

The ATC CNC wood router can work automatically. The advantage is low investment, high profit, low maintenance, easy to operate. It is also very easy for beginner to operate.

Features of ATC Woodworking CNC Router with Pneumatic Tool Changer

1. 4pcs HQD air-cooling spindles for pneumatic tool changing.It can use four different tools for your four different designs' processing at the same time, which is similar with automatic tool changer CNC router with four bits.2. Bigger gantry width can make sure every spindle's effective working area.3. Original Nc-studio computer control system,Popular and easy operation, with USB port to transfer program.4. Strong vacuum table with suction block, vacuum pump and tubes.5. High precision ball screw and original Taiwan HIWIN straight square guide rail to make sure the machine working high-speed and high-efficiency.6. Heavy bistratal side plates, which can keep large supporting strength for the gantry's moving perfectly.7. Independently PC Electric Control box , with perfect wiring and free moving pulleys.8. Heavy hard steel lathe body, keep the machine's working High stability.Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure,dealing with time-treatment, the stability is excellent, never to be deformed. 9. Automatic Mechanical pushing Unit to download workpieces,effectively improve working efficiency.

ATC Woodworking CNC Router with Pneumatic Tool Changer

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