Granite Carving CNC Router Machine STS1325

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This is a video for STS1325 stone CNC router machine carving granite with high quality & speed, you will understand how does stone CNC machine work.
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Granite Carving CNC Router Machine STS1325

Granite CNC carving machine is a rising star of CNC router. Compared with other engraving materials, granite has higher hardness and higher requirements for CNC machines. Therefore, relatively speaking, the performance of the granite CNC machine is very high, which is used for stone relief carving, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing, tombstone carving, stone crafts making, and other cultural relics.

With the launch of various granite CNC carving & cutting machines, STYLECNC has been paying attention to a large number of customers. With the expansion of the stone market and people's pursuit of stone technology, the application of stone CNC machines will be more extensive.

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