Hobby CNC Router Making Ivory Crafts

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You will understand how does a hobby CNC router make personalized ivory crafts for small business and home shop in this video.
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Hobby CNC Router Making Ivory Crafts

Ivory CNC Router Features: 

1. Internal cast lathe bed, solid and stable, without distortion.

2. High quality ball screws ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine.

3. Water-cooling brushless spindle, low noise, vigorous cutting strength.

4. Subdivision driver ensures fast speed and high accuracy.

5. Dust-proof and water-proof design ensures the maintenance more easily. 

Ivory CNC Router Applications: 

Ivory crafts, jade, jewelry, PMMA, PVC Sheet, ABS sheet, KT sheet, timber, gemstone, marble, aluminum and plastic composite panel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastics, etc. 

License: The text of "Hobby CNC Router Making Ivory Crafts" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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