STG6090 Small CNC Router for Advertising

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STJ6090 small CNC router for advertising with Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission, which can keep high precision in working, here is the video you want.
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 Nov 24, 2015  STYLECNC  907

STG6090 Small CNC Router for Advertising

Main Configurations of STG6090 Small CNC Router for Advertising

1. Working area: 600mm*900mm*150mm

2. Art Cam software

3. Japanese OMRON Switch

4. 220V 50HZ

5. High precision ball screw.

6. PVC table with Aluminum profile, better fixed the irregular material use clamps.

7. Water cooling spindle, have low noise and high quality.

8. DSP controller system or NC Studio, with U disk avaliable not need the computer,simple operation,good independence.

9. Tool sensor, easy to control distance between the tool and material.

10. German Schneider Electronic Spare Parts.

11. Plywood case package.

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