Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with Lathe Attachment

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Pneumatic ATC CNC router STM1325-3T with three spindles and lathe attachment, which is flexible to remove & install on table to carve or cut cylinder materials.
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 Oct 10, 2018  Claire  623

Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with Lathe Attachment

Features of Pneumatic ATC CNC Router with Lathe Attachment

1. It adopts 3pcs constant power spindle motor, high efficiency mounted 3 kinds of different tools, pneumatic ATC CNC router can process any complicated wooden working pieces in one time, reduced processing difficulty of art craft products, increased working efficiency greatly.

2. The 4 axis lathe is movable, when you need to do panel cutting or carving, remove it. Once you carve the round materials, it can be easy installed on table.

3. Vacuum and T-slot combined table make the materials fixed more easy.

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