CNC Router Machine for Custom Aluminium Fabrication Parts

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Looking for a CNC router for custom aluminium fabrication parts? Review the video of CNC machining aluminum parts. You will get an idea to buy the machine.
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 Jan 14, 2016  Mar 18, 2022  STYLECNC  697

CNC Router Machine for Custom Aluminium Fabrication Parts

A metal CNC router machine is a kind of equipment that specializes in milling various metals. Different power metal CNC machines can mill different thicknesses. When buying a metal CNC milling machine, you must first figure out your own needs, what metal materials you need to mill, and how thick you need to mill. These must be made clear with the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can recommend a suitable machine for you. Of course, the prices of metal CNC router machines of different brands are also very different, mainly due to the configurations. The machine with high configuration will naturally be more expensive.

Except for aluminum, the CNC router machine can also be used for milling copper, brass, iron, wood, acrylic, crystal, plaster, marble, sand, plastic, PVC, and more.

Aluminum CNC router table can be customized to 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, and 2000*4000mm. And we can also customize other table sizes according to your requirements.

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