How to Make NC Files with JDPaint?

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JDPaint is a common software of CNC router control system, which is a set of CAD/CAM software for CNC programming. You will learn how to make NC files with JDPaint from this video.
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How to Make NC Files with JDPaint?

JDPaint is a professional CNC router software that is used for furniture carving, stamping hardware crafts, plastic craft products, carving jade, and some other works of art. It is also suitable for the manufacturing of plastic molds, high-frequency molds, hardware, glasses molds, copper electrodes, etc.

After years of development and improvement, the functions are becoming more abundant and powerful. It not only breaks through many key carving design and processing technologies such as surface relief and equal cutting, but also fully guarantees the ease of use and practicability of software products, and greatly enhances the precision The processing ability of CNC router machine and the adaptability to the diversity of the CNC routing field.

In the application field, JDPaint has completely broken through the more traditional routing application areas suitable for signs, advertisements, and architectural models. In the industrial routing fields with higher technical thresholds, such as plastic molds, high-frequency molds, small hardware, glasses molds, and copper electrodes And other manufacturing industries, the performance is equally outstanding.

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