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​Fiber laser cutting machine is a higher precision laser metal cutting solution compared to CO2 laser, YAG laser, CNC plasma cutter, and water jet cutting machine.

 Nov 26, 2015    1950 (3 Min Read)

Precision Laser Cutting Solutions for Metal Fabrication

As an indispensable equipment for metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used to cut a variety of metal plates and pipes, mainly for stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, various alloy plates, Fast cutting of rare metals and other materials.

Dual-platform exchange saves loading and unloading time. It adopts gantry exchange drive structure, high-precision rack rail drive, CNC laser cutting system, optical fiber automatic zoom cutting head, reinforced welding bed, the whole machine is stable and reliable, flexible and simple to operate, achieving high speed Punching and cutting function, professionally cutting various sheet metal, precision accessories, hardware tools, craft gifts and other metal materials.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

1. The fiber laser generator has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and the conversion efficiency is more than 30%. The low-power fiber laser does not need to be equipped with a chiller. The air cooling can greatly save power consumption during work, save operating costs, and achieve the highest production efficiency. .

2. When the laser generator is running, it only needs electricity, no extra gas to generate the laser, and it has the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

3. The fiber laser generator adopts semiconductor modular and redundant design. There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity, no start-up time is required. It has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free, and high stability, which reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time. It is unmatched by traditional lasers.

4. The output beam of the fiber laser generator has good quality and high power density, which is very conducive to the absorption of metal materials, and has excellent cutting and welding capabilities, so that the processing cost is the lowest.

5. The light of the whole machine is transmitted by optical fiber, no complicated light guide system such as mirrors is needed, the optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is maintenance-free.

6. The cutting head contains a protective lens, so that the consumption of expensive consumables such as focusing lens is extremely small.

7. The laser is exported through the optical fiber, which makes the design of the mechanical system very simple and easy to integrate with the robot or multi-dimensional workbench.

8. The fiber laser generator is small in size, light in weight, movable in working position, and small in footprint.

9. After the laser generator is added with a shutter, one device can be used for multiple machines, through optical fiber splitting, divided into multiple channels and multiple units to work at the same time, easy to expand the function, easy and simple to upgrade.

Application Materials

They are suitable for cutting metals like Stainless Steel Sheet, Mild Steel Plate, Carbon Steel Sheet, Alloy Steel Plate, Spring steel Sheet, Iron Plate, Galvanized Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Copper Sheet, Brass Sheet, Bronze Plate, Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Titanium Plate, Metal Sheet, Metal Plate, Tubes and Pipes, etc.

Application Industries

They are widely used in manufacture Billboard, Advertising, Signs, Signage, Metal Letters, LED Letters, Kitchen Ware, Advertising Letters, Sheet Metal Processing, Metals Components and Parts, Ironware, Chassis, Racks & Cabinets Processing, Metal crafts, metal art ware, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, Glasses Frame, Electronic Parts, Nameplates, etc.

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