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Looking for a CNC plasma cutting machine with waterbed to cut sheet metals underwater? Review the environmental 4x8 CNC plasma water table for dust removal.

 Aug 12, 2021    2187 (3 Min Read)

4x8 CNC Plasma Water Table Cut Sheet Metal

With the development of science and technology, the technology of underwater CNC plasma cutter is becoming more and more mature, and the understanding of underwater plasma cutting machine is gradually deepening. Dry plasma cutting is prone to produce a large amount of metal dust, unpleasant gas, strong light and glare, and some incidental cutting problems are causing headaches for customers. In order to solve this problem, the CNC plasma water table came into being. 


CNC plasma water table is a type of CNC plasma cutting machine for sheet metal with symmetrical structure, good stability, clean dust removal, environmental protection, safety, and fast cooling.


CNC plasma water table is equipped with a cutting platform with a liftable water level. When cutting starts, the air intake valve opens the fan to inflate the water bed airbag, and the water level rises rapidly. When the water just floods the steel plate, the pneumatic valve is closed and the water level stops moving. The soot and arc light generated are all absorbed by water. When the cutting is over, the air outlet valve opens, and the airbag deflation water level drops for the operator to mark and unload. This is currently the best dust removal method.


The structural feature of CNC plasma water table is that the beam adopts a wide-body reinforced box structure with a beautiful appearance. The end frame adopts a low-center-of-gravity structure, with symmetrical structure and good stability. All welding is stress-relieved to ensure the overall rigidity and good dynamic balance. The guide rail is made of high-strength heavy rail, and the top surface and both sides are processed by the guide rail grinding. The longitudinal direction adopts double-sided rack and pinion symmetrical drive, the longitudinal direction and the longitudinal direction drive are equipped with a reduction box, and the transverse direction adopts a steel belt transmission, which realizes the same direction or mirror direction smooth transmission between the master and slave cutting torches. The CNC plasma cutting machine adopts an initial positioning device and an arc voltage height adjustment system, and has a 360-degree anti-collision device during the cutting process.

CNC plasma water table must be equipped with an anti-collision device or an automatic arc pressure height adjustment device. When cutting underwater, the water surface is easily turbid due to the impact of arc ignition and cutting gas, and the naked eye cannot see the cutting gun walking. The position and the height of the cutting torch from the steel plate. During the cutting process, if the deformed steel plate is raised, it will collide with the cutting torch, causing the torch to break or damage. When cutting, the height of the horizontal plane from the steel plate is 3-5mm.


CNC plasma cutter with 4x8 water table top, which can cut carbon steel, stainless stee, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, alloy, iron and more custom sheet metal fabrication projects & plans.


The most obvious advantage of underwater cutting is that the beam adopts a wide-body reinforced box structure with a beautiful appearance. The end frame adopts a low-center-of-gravity structure, with symmetrical structure and good stability. All welding is stress-relieved to ensure the overall rigidity and good dynamic balance. Environmental protection, little harm to personnel working on site, and fast cooling. The smoke and dust of the CNC plasma cutting table is very large, there is a lot of metal dust, if it is cut underwater, the smoke and dust are very small and will be absorbed by the water.


Due to the influence of water, compared to dry plasma cutting, the cutting speed, cutting ability, and smoothness of the cutting surface with CNC plasma water table, all have different degrees of decline. The power consumption when cutting steel plates of the same thickness is about 15% higher than that of dry cutting, and the manufacturing cost of the waterbed is relatively high.

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