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4.8 (11)
$5580.00 - $6580.00

Model - STM1212-4


Table Size - 4' x 4' (48" x 48", 1200mm x 1200mm)

180 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock

1 Year Limited Warranty for Entire Machine

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Multi spindle CNC woodworking machine is equipped with four air cooling spindles, which is a multi head CNC wood router machine to carve or cut four projects at the same time with DSP controller.

Product Overview

Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

Product Details

Advantages of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

1. Multi spindle processing: Multi-spindle can work on the same pattern at the same time, which greatly increases the processing speed. It can also work independently with a single spindle to control the production cost.

2. Multi spindle CNC wood router machine frame adopts the overall thickness of the steel structure design, after the welding tempering aging treatment, strong rigidity, high strength, smooth rotation, making long-term high-speed operation without deformation, no jitter.

3. Multi head CNC woodworking machine adopts Taiwan Hiwin linear guide transmission, three-axis full orbit, can be re-cut; Adopts international brands microsteps subdivided stepper motor and high-speed drive to ensure that the machine for a long time high-speed operation.

4. Multi head CNC wood router machine adopts DSP control system don't need connect to PC. DSP is easily operate and learned,especially for beginners. It has power off. , Breakpoint continued carving and other advantages, processing time prediction and other functions, the real human design. Perfectly supports the G standard of the ISO standard, the ENG process, and is compatible with various processing codes generated by various CAD/CAM design software such as Types/ArtCAM//Wentai.

Applications of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

Multi head CNC router machine is specially designed for customers who require large quantities and small parts processing, it is suitable for processing cabinet doors, artistic relief screens, craft windows, relief craft gifts, solid wood art murals, woodworking calligraphy carvings, art photo frames, electrical countertops, sporting goods Equipment, violin arc, non-ferrous metal carving/cutting and some other industries.

Technical Parameters of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

X,Y,Z Working Area


X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy±0.03/300mm
X,Y,Z Reposition Accuracy±0.03mm
Table SurfaceT-slot table
FrameWelded Structure
X, Y StructureRack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
Z StructureHiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate33000mm/min
Max. Working Speed25000mm/min
Spindle Power3KW water cooling
Spindle Speed


Drive MotorsStepper system
Working Voltage

220V,2 phase or 380V,3 phase

Command LanguageG Code
Operating SystemDSP control system
Software CompatibilityType3/UcancameV9 Software, (Option: Artcam Software)

Details of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

Projects of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

Package of Multi Spindle CNC Woodworking Machine with Four Heads

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews


Reviewed in the United States on

5 out of 5

I need to make relief carving on multiple identical wood signs simultaneously with the same design, so I bought this CNC for multitasking. Four heads are enough for me. Tried it with testing files came with it, I was impressed for its capabilities and precise. The only regret is that I have to choose a free or paid software program to turn the designs into G-code for it, so there will be a learning curve for me.


Reviewed in Canada on

5 out of 5

I am very satisfied with STM1212-4 CNC woodworking machine. The packaging was pretty good, there was styrofoam in the wood box, then it was surrounded by a larger box with some padding. The packaging of the components was good each part was surrounded just enough for the part.


Reviewed in France on

5 out of 5

Nice to deal with you. Thanks Very fast shipment. Only 3 weeks To France From China. Buy To make circuit board PCB. Very good product.


Reviewed in the United States on

5 out of 5

Excellent CNC woodworking machine with perfect assembly and working instructions. It works great and the customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend this high quality product for anyone.

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