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                                                                                      CNC Wood Router

                                                                                       4.9/5 - 102 votes

                                                                                      $4580.00 - $5500.00

                                                                                      100 Sets / Month In Stock

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                                                                                      STM1325 Cheap CNC wood router kit is a type of flatbed wood CNC machine for beginners with 4x8 combo vacuum and T-slot table top. Let us review and start making an offer at the lowest price for affordable 4x8 wood CNC router kits which make as standard.

                                                                                      Product Overview

                                                                                      Product Introduction

                                                                                      STM1325 is a low cost CNC router machine with 4' x 8' size, which is mainly used for popular woodworking such as home door making, cabinet making, woodcrafts making, furnitures and decorations. This is a cheap CNC router kit within your budget.

                                                                                      Cheap CNC Wood Router Kit Applications:

                                                                                      1. Woodworking industry
                                                                                      Wooden door, furniture and decoration, Cabinet Making, Wood crafts making, Redwood carving, Archaized furniture and other industries.

                                                                                      2. Advertising industry
                                                                                      Double face board and scutcheon, department brand, chest brand and the architecture board, ABS brand, acrylic and jade article.

                                                                                      3. Electronic industry
                                                                                      Circuit, insulation materials, LED screen, family appliance shell and model carving.

                                                                                      Technical Parameters of Cheap CNC Wood Router Kit:





                                                                                      Working Area


                                                                                      Table Size


                                                                                      Traveling Positioning Accuracy


                                                                                      Reposition Accuracy


                                                                                      Table Surface

                                                                                      Vacuum and T-slot Combined (Option: T-slot Table)


                                                                                      Welded Structure

                                                                                      X, Y Structure

                                                                                      Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings

                                                                                      Z Structure

                                                                                      Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw

                                                                                      Max Power Consumption

                                                                                      3.0KW (Without Spindle)

                                                                                      Max Rapid Travel Rate


                                                                                      Max Working Speed


                                                                                      Spindle Power


                                                                                      Spindle Speed


                                                                                      Drive Motors

                                                                                      Stepper System

                                                                                      Working Voltage

                                                                                      AC380V/50/60Hz, 3PH (Option: 220V)

                                                                                      Command Language

                                                                                      G Code

                                                                                      Operating System

                                                                                      DSP System (Options: Nc-studio / Mach3)

                                                                                      Computer Interface


                                                                                      Flash Memory

                                                                                      128M(U Disk)



                                                                                      X,Y Resolution


                                                                                      Software Compatibility

                                                                                      Type3/UcancameV9 Software(Option: Artcam Software)

                                                                                      Running Environment Temperature

                                                                                      0-45 Centigrade

                                                                                      Relative Humidity


                                                                                      Packing Size






                                                                                      Price Range

                                                                                      $4,580.00 - $5,500.00

                                                                                      Features of Cheap CNC Wood Router Kit:

                                                                                      1. Big steel square tube structure, by seamless welding and hardening treatment, guarantee it to be strong, reliable and durable, with large bearing capacity and long working life.

                                                                                      2. High-Precision Transmission: high-precision ball screw and Taiwan Hiwin linear square rails, which move smoothly to ensure the machining precision.

                                                                                      Strong and thick belt for mechanical transmission. The rack with 1.25 helical tooth mold guarantees the quick and high precise transmission.

                                                                                      3. High power water-cooling spindle works with high speed, safe guarding stability for long-time operation.

                                                                                      4. Orderly electronic box make the machine keep stable working.

                                                                                      5. Automatic oil lubrication system:

                                                                                      6. Tool sensor, it can automatic measure the distance between tool and materials.

                                                                                      7. 4th axis rotary device optional for cylinder materials working.

                                                                                      Affordable CNC Wood Router Kit Projects:

                                                                                      More Affordable CNC Wood Routers for Option:

                                                                                      As a professional CNC router manufacturer from China, STYLECNC has all kinds of CNC router for sale, such as  3 axis CNC router series, 4th axis CNC router series, 4 axis CNC router series and 5 axis CNC router series. You can get the best CNC router price from manufacturer directly without any CNC router distributor.  Don't hesitate any more, tell us your needs to buy a affordable CNC router from STYLECNC.

                                                                                      International Shipping Around the World

                                                                                      All the CNC routers can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with name, email, detailed address, product and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight.

                                                                                      What are you waiting for?

                                                                                      Once you make your choice, don't agonize over it.

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                                                                                      Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

                                                                                      from United States

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      I have to say enough good about this CNC machine for wood. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but when I got the wood CNC machine, my fears disappeared. Im not an experts but every part that I know about personally was of good quality, building this machine gave me the knowledge of the mechanics of CNC if I could do it over, I would buy this CNC kit again without any hesitation at all.

                                                                                      from United States

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Absolutely AMAZING. I am new to the CNC world and this CNC wood machine is incredible for beginners. As a Process Engineer by trade, I can totally give credible feedback in the instructions and assembly process. Perfection! Thanks for making this so easy for me to get into the CNC world.

                                                                                      from United Kingdom

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      I was looking for a cnc machine that was big enough for the projects I am working on without costing a fortune. This product is just as sturdy as it looks in the pictures. Assembly was easy enough with the video provided. It does require however that one is mechanically inclined. Whether you want to work with wood or make printed circuit boards the programs included provide a good starting point. So far I have been working with wood to get acquainted with this machine. I am certain it will work fine with printed circuit boards. Note: This CNC machine was packaged well with all pieces intact.

                                                                                      from United States

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      I bought this for to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my workshop in May 21. It was easy for the assembly and software installation. Once I got it set up it did not get much use for a few weeks, COVID-19 in March intervened, I started seriously in April with cabinets making. I am very happy with my purchase does a nice job, and will certainly keep me a good attitude during Coronavirus. In all professinal wood CNC machines, and I had fantastic after-sales service and support from STYLECNC.

                                                                                      from Russia

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Потрясающий фрезерный станок с ЧПУ, все работы выполняются автоматически с высокой скоростью и высоким качеством, я купил станок для изготовления деревянных дверей, и меня сильно удивил.

                                                                                      from Germany

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      This is my first overseas buying for a new CNC router machine, it was a great experience, especially the price is much more cheaper than the used CNC router with the same configurations in German, and the 4x8 table size is very suitable for my home door production.

                                                                                      from Canada

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Wife got me this cnc wood router for my birthday. Ive used it a couple times and works great. I love it. Ive wanted a cnc router table for a long time and this one does not disappoint.

                                                                                      from United States

                                                                                      Post on

                                                                                      Its STYLECNC-it fits perfectly, it works precisely. My third machine. NEVER had a problem with their equipment.

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