Power Lathe Machine for Wood Rolling Pins Making Projects

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Looking for a power lathe machine for rolling pins making to roll out pasta, cookie, and pizza dough for your baking plans or cake decorating? Review the rolling pins making machine for turning, sanding, broaching, knurling, facing, or carving wooden rolling pins.

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Power Lathe Machine for Wooden Embossed Rolling Pins Turning & Carving & Broaching Projects

Power Lathe Machine for Wooden Embossed Rolling Pins Turning & Carving & Broaching Projects

Mini Wood Lathe Machine for Rolling Pin Turning & Facing Projects

CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Rolling Pin Turning & Sanding Projects

Power Lathe Machine for Olive Wood Rolling Pin Turning & Sanding Projects

CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Patterned Rolling Pins Turning & Broaching Projects

Hobby Wood Lathe Machine for Decorative Rolling Pins Turning & Carving Projects

Power lathe machine is a type of CNC machine tool for wood turning, cutting, broaching, carving, sanding, drilling, knurling, deformation or facing, which fixes the workpiece on the main shaft and rotates at high speed to process the cutting tool in the feed motion. A lathe is a power tool that is driven by an electric motor to rotate the spindle through a belt and gear transmission system, which drives the workpiece on the spindle chuck to rotate, and then uses the turning tool fixed on the tool post to perform turning. The main workpiece is round rods. The cutting work includes turning end face, inner and outer diameter, arc, taper, drilling, boring, eccentricity, embossing, cutting, grooving, turning thread. Most lathes are equipped with a variety of special tools, which can complete internal and external machining, drilling, threading, cutting grooves, end face machining, turning external circles, drilling center holes, turning holes, reaming, turning tapers, turning forming surfaces, knurling, coiled springs and more processing procedures.

Power wood lathe machines are used for making wooden rolling pins, french rolling pins, patterned rolling pins, textured rolling pins, decorative rolling pins, christmas rolling pins, wooden embossed rolling pins, engraved rolling pins, wood rollers, wood balusters, wood cylinder, stair spindles, baseball bats, roman columns, wood bowls, wood vases, wood cups, table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, ottoman legs, furniture legs, beads, buddha heads, barrels, wood pens, gourd pendants, other wood arts and wood crafts.

From the shaker to the french, rolling pins can be easily turned, shaped from a solid block of cherry, maple, or walnut hardwood with a power CNC wood turning lathe machine.

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