Double Axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine with Spindle for Carving

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Double axis CNC wood lathe machine with two spindles for twisting, grooving, slotting, and carving. Double axis has double working efficiency, four blades make the wood cutting more smooth and stable.
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 May 12, 2018  Claire  885

Double Axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine with Spindle for Carving

Double axis CNC wood lathe machine adopts advanced DSP system with USB connection which can be operated by hand, convenient operation. Our CNC wood lathe machine can completely work off-line and do not take any computer resources. This CNC wood lathe machine has 2pcs spindles for twisting, grooving, slotting, etc. The whole machine body is cast iron, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever. It adopts Germany ball screw and Taiwan PMI helical square guide rail with high transmitting precision and longevity. Bid module helical/diagonal rack. It is compatible with several CAD/CAM design software, e.g. type3, artcam, etc. The rotating speed is adjusted by inverter, and the speed data is shown on controlling cabinet panel. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece. Double axis can do double working efficiency, 4 pcs wood lathe cutter make the wood cutting more smooth and stable. It adopts Helical gear transmission way to make higher working speed, higher weight load, smooth running and lower noise.

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