Automatic CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Bowling

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You will understand how does STL1530-S automatic CNC lathe machine turn wooden bowling with high speed and fine result in this video.
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 May 13, 2017  Sep 08, 2021  Claire  824

Automatic CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Bowling

STYLECNC is professional for manufacture automatic CNC wood turning lathe machine, We have single axis with double blades, double axis with four baldes, single axis and double blades with turn broaching adjustable gymbal for choose.

The standard length is 1500mm. Other size can be customized based on your requires.

This is STL1530-S turning the wooden bowling for India customer, they are focus on the wooden sports equipments.

License: The text of "Automatic CNC Lathe Machine for Wooden Bowling" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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