I'm Very Pleased with This 130W Laser Cutter

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I was a bit skeptical considering the flood of cheap lasers that are popping up all over the internet, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this 130w laser cutter.

 Nov 10, 2015  Claire  623 (2 Min Read)

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I was a bit skeptical considering the flood of cheap laser cutters that are popping up all over the internet, but I am pleasantly surprised with this laser cutter. It came from STYLECNC and arrived within a week of ordering it, it was fairly simple to set up. After the first few test cuts I was surprised that the mirrors were aligned and hadn't moved during shipping. it seems quite powerful for a 130w laser, that being said I've only cut wood and acrylic on it so far. One thing to note is to be sure to hook up the grounding wire. I had assumed that using a standard 220v grounded outlet would have worked but I kept getting small shocks every time I touched it. Over all I'm very pleased with this laser machine, just be sure to give yourself time to get a feel for the cutting software, I use adobe illustrator to create my art and then just place it in their software as a jpg.

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