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I spent only a little time, the couple's photo of love is engraved on the lighter to use the fiber laser metal engraving machine, I also tried engraving lipstick on the lighter or other metal jewelry.

   May 29, 2023    548

Metal engraving is a much-needed work skills, attentive and artistic beauty, to engraving artistic crafts. Metal is very hard engraving material, and if you want to engrave out the words and pictures on the metal, but also to maintain the beauty, is really very difficult. But with the advent of modern science and technology development, metal engraving machine to bring art also can be a simple operation can appear on hard metal. I think of the idea to engrave love on the metal. Metal engraving machine operator need only a computer can control, so the initial idea into practice, I spent only a little time, The couple's photo of love is engraved on the lighter to use the metal engraving machine, I also tried engraveing lipstick on the lighter or other metal jewelry to use the metal engraving machine, all sorts of ideas so that they harvest sweet love, but also embrace by a lot of business.

License: The text of "Witness The Love Of Metal Engraving Machine" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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