Fiber Laser Metal Cutter for School Education in Vietnam

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We have purchased a fiber laser metal cutting machine from STYLECNC for school education in Vietnam, and we are very satisfied with this laser cutter for metal.

 Aug 31, 2018  Claire  1191 (2 Min Read)

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Fiber Laser Metal Cutter for School Education in Vietnam

As the tender to find one fiber laser metal cutting machine for school education in Vietnam, our main goal is to find a best solution for metal cutting. We have done a lot of research for laser metal cutting machine before we make contract, and five professional and powerful CNC laser machine manufacturers from China have been selected in the early stage, after sent the metal samples, three of them gave us feedback by cutting test video.

After we discussed in our team, we arranged the visit to these manufacturers in May 19, 2018, and check the fiber laser cutting machine testing in their workshop. Comprehensive compared the cutting quality, cutting speed, different laser source price, manufacturer strength, technical training and the after-sales service, we finally decided to choose STYLECNC 1000 Watts fiber laser metal cutting machine ST-FC3015.

After 38 days (the production and transportation), we have received the expected fiber laser cutting machine completely conform to contract signed. We have some experience in laser cutting machine, so we have no need to ask STYLECNC engineer to fly to Vietnam for installation and training, STYLECNC arranged engineers to do online guidance, including how to install Circumscribed device, such as water chiller, exhaust fans, how to do safe guarding and the methods of daily maintenance. About 6 hours later, we made some nice steel designs with ST-FC3015 fiber laser cutting machine .

Really thanks Mike for technical training, we will learn more from you online later.

Here, I'd like to thanks Cherry from STYLECNC, as a sales manager, she is also professional in laser cutting technology, she has helped me a lot in the online service.

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