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                                                                                        Fiber Laser Marking Machine

                                                                                         4.9/5 - 109 votes

                                                                                        $3900.00 - $16000.00

                                                                                        100 Sets / Month In Stock

                                                                                        T/T, Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking

                                                                                        Deep laser engraving machine for metal with 50 Watt fiber laser source is the best way for deep engraving metal (guns, firearms, parts, tools, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass) and nonmetal surface. The fiber laser engraving system can also cut thin metals. Now the fiber laser metal engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

                                                                                        Product Overview

                                                                                        Product Introduction

                                                                                        Fiber laser deep engraving machine is a kind of laser engraving machine which adopts fiber laser souce for metal engraving. A fiber laser engraver is the best way to engrave metals without tools. Fiber laser deep engraving machine is also called laser metal engraving machine, metal laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine for metal, laser deep engraving machine, deep laser engraving machine, laser metal deep engraving machine, metal laser deep engraving machine, metal laser engraver, laser metal engraver, laser engraver for metal.

                                                                                        Features of Deep Laser Engraving Machine for Metal with Fiber Laser Source:

                                                                                        1. Easy and quick installation, USB connected with computer easily.

                                                                                        2. Low Cost: high turnover ratio between electricity and laser, the whole machine power consumption is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of light pumping source laser.

                                                                                        3. Free-Maintenance Operation: There is no need of any maintenance for laser, or cleaning the lens.

                                                                                        4. Long Service Life: The laser metal engraving machine adopts laser diode as pumping source, the working hours can reach as long as 100,000 hours.

                                                                                        50 Watt Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine Applications:

                                                                                        Fiber laser deep engraving machine is used for marking and engraving on metals (stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, brass, sliver, gold, titanium, iron) and nonmetal surface, such as guns, firearms, rings, bearings, gears, automotive parts, hardware and tools, aerospace components, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, watches, electronics and communications products, home appliances, wire and cable, Jewelry, adornments, necklace, bracelet and many other areas of graphics and text markup.

                                                                                        The deep laser engraving machine can also cut thin metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, brass, sliver, gold, titanium, etc.

                                                                                        Technical Parameters of 50 Watt Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal:





                                                                                        Laser Power


                                                                                        Laser Wavelength


                                                                                        Fiber Cable Length


                                                                                        Pulse Width


                                                                                        Repetition Frequency Range




                                                                                        Max.Single Pulse Energy


                                                                                        Output Power Stability


                                                                                        Output Beam Diameter


                                                                                        Power Range


                                                                                        Marking Range


                                                                                        Minimum Line Width


                                                                                        Minimum Character


                                                                                        Marking Speed


                                                                                        Marking Depth

                                                                                        Depend on materials

                                                                                        Repeatability Accuracy


                                                                                        Marking Format

                                                                                        Graphics, text, bar codes, QRcode, automatically date, batch number, serial number, etc.

                                                                                        Graphic format supported

                                                                                        Ai, plt, ;dxf, dst, svg, nc, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tga, png, tiff, tif

                                                                                        Working Voltage

                                                                                        220V±10%/50Hz or 110V±10%/60Hz or Customized

                                                                                        Unit Power


                                                                                        Working Environment

                                                                                        Clean and dust free or dust less

                                                                                        Working Condition Humidity

                                                                                        5%-75%, 0-40 degree, free of condensed water

                                                                                        Laser lifetime

                                                                                        >100000 hours

                                                                                        Net weight

                                                                                        120 kgs

                                                                                        Packing Size


                                                                                        Price Range

                                                                                        $3,900.00 - $16,000.00

                                                                                        Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal Projects:

                                                                                        For Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal, we also have many other designs for your needs:

                                                                                        1. Mini 3D Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal:

                                                                                        2. Portable Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal:

                                                                                        3. Enclosed Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal:

                                                                                        FAQs for Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal:

                                                                                        What’s the package of the fiber laser engraving machine for metal?

                                                                                        We have 3 layers package: for the outside, we adopt wood craft case; in the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the machine from shaking; for the inside layer, the machine is covered by thickening plastic bag for waterproof.

                                                                                        Will the package be damaged during transportation?

                                                                                        Our package is considerate all the damage factors and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full experienced in safe tranportation. We have exported to over 180 countries worldwide. So please don’t worry, you will receive the parcel in good condition.

                                                                                        How to install and run the fiber laser engraving machine for metal?

                                                                                        Our technician have installed the machine before shipping, for some small parts installation, we will send detail training video, user’s manual along with the machine. 95% customers can learn by themselves.

                                                                                        How can I do if the fiber laser engraving machine goes wrong?

                                                                                        If confronted with such problems, please contact us ASAP and do not try to fix the fiber laser engraving machine by yourself or someone else. We will response within 24 hours as quick as we can to solve it for you.

                                                                                        Warranty of fiber laser deep engraving machine for metal

                                                                                        1. 2 years warranty for fiber laser engraving machine for metal.

                                                                                        2. Our customer will be fully trained for the operation and maintaining technology after the order confirmed.

                                                                                        3. 24-hour full after sales service: our skilled engineer will help customer to solve the problem by Whatsapp, Skype, Teamviewer or Online Chat in time when problems happen, if necessary, overseas service is available.

                                                                                        Quality Control of fiber laser engraving machine for metal

                                                                                        1. Skilled and Strict Quality Inspection Team is available during the material purchasing and production procedure.

                                                                                        2. All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC department and engineering department.

                                                                                        OEM Service for fiber laser engraving machine for metal

                                                                                        1. Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our aboundant experiences.

                                                                                        2. All the OEM services are free, customer only need to provide us with your logo drawing, function requirements, colors, etc.

                                                                                        3. No MOQ required.

                                                                                        4. None of your personally identifiable information ( such as your name, address, email address, bank info, etc ) will be disclosed or shared with any third parties.

                                                                                        5. Contact: All of your inquiries or questions or helps will be answered within 24 hours, even in holiday, also, please feel free to call us if you have any emergency questions.

                                                                                        Payment Terms of fiber laser deep engraving machine for metal

                                                                                        1. 30% T/T paid in advance as deposit, the balance paid before shipment.

                                                                                        2. Alibaba Trade Assurance.

                                                                                        International Shipping Around the World

                                                                                        All the CNC laser machines can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with name, email, detailed address, product and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight.

                                                                                        What are you waiting for?

                                                                                        Once you make your choice, don't agonize over it.

                                                                                        Get Your Free Quote

                                                                                        Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

                                                                                        from United States

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        The sales person, Nina was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. The quality of the 50 Watt Laser is top notch. I purchased all the options and got automatic focus, which adjusts height automatically based on thickness of material. I was skeptical about buying a unit overseas, but Nina helped me with peace of mind in making my purchase. So far after a few months of using it, Im very satisfied with my purchase and the price is low compared to equivalent USA models. It took me over 1 year to make this purchase after extensive research and looks like I made the right decision, although this is my first laser machine, so I do not have any other experience or use of a fiber laser engraver to compare. Bottom line is it works great and was easy to setup with videos Nina sent and other videos found on YouTube.

                                                                                        from United States

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        Stop looking at other laser machines this is the machine you are looking for. If you are looking to buy your first fiber laser engraver for metal: This is the engraver you should get. If you already have a fiber laser engraving machine and looking to add to your collection: This is the engraver you should get. If you have another engraver but it is not very good: This is the engraver you should get. If you are debating whether you should get this machine: This is the engraver you should get. You are not going to find a better engraver at this price point. Period. This machine is actually underpriced for the quality it outputs. I bought my first fiber laser marking machine over a year and a half ago after doing extensive research (as you are most likely doing now) I purchased an STJ-50F. I was very excited to enter into this new area of metal deep engraving. Set up took all of about 10 minutes if that. Everything was packed securely and did not have any damage and they include a ton of extras in the box including laser protective glasses. I started my first test deep engraving which is a logo on the gun barrels and I watched details laid down with pure astonishment. The engravings came out so neat and clean, I showed them to everyone. By this time I was hooked. After a couple of months I decided to buy the other three fiber laser engravers (two sets of STJ-50F and one set of STJ-50F-Desktop). I was also excited to get that as well. The STJ-50F is virtually maintenance free. I have never done anything to this machine. Never had any problems. Like this one all my STJ-50F are stock without any issues. With that being said, as I write this my very first STJ-50F power supply didnt work. I contacted support. The lady I chatted with was extremely pleasant to talk to and just made me much more happy in my choice to continue supporting this company. Within a few minutesshe has removed the trouble for me remotely. Now that is some awesome customer service. (Some companies take a few days to get a hold of, but not STYLECNC). I am very happy with my STJ-50F and very glad I chose to start my deep metal engraving venture with this machine. Had I started with something else in this price range I might not still be doing metal engraving as this requires virtually no troubleshooting other then the metal engraving parameter setting in EZCAD software. The quality this machine outputs is amazing, The engravings are clean and smooth (as long as you have your settings right in EZCAD software). I can not recommend this machine enough if you are a beginner, experienced or even looking for the right machine to start or grow up your business at an affordable price. Choose the STJ-50F. You can not go wrong and will not be disappointed.

                                                                                        from United Kingdom

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        I have now owned this laser metal engraving machine for 8 months. I use it on a daily basis and have made well over 2000 items, meaning the cost of engraving each is around 20 cents. How can that be a bad thing?. I have not upgraded or changed anything. I have upgraded my review to 5 stars, because even though there were some software issues in the beginning, there is literally no better machine for the money.

                                                                                        from New Zealand

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        All metal. Solid build. Good documentation. It took me about 1 hrs to install. All in all, I am very pleased with the purchase. I think the controller board is capable of handling end-stops and a lot more. I am now looking to figure out how to upgrade the motor speed fixed.

                                                                                        from United States

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        Nice product, the laser metal engraving machine is really easy to use. Just need a bit of training to have a decent result :) the device is ready after 15 minutes of assembling.

                                                                                        from United Kingdom

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        This is a great personal laser marking system. It came with the user manual. Its very easy to use. Both hubby and I used it and we both enjoyed trying it out. I’m the artistic one but even my husband enjoyed using it and was already thinking about his next projects. The laser software lets you adjust the laser easily. It was so amazing to watch while it is working. We first tried using an aluminum coin, the results were amazing. Great for beginners like us. Highly recommended.

                                                                                        from Poland

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        szybko wysane, sprzedawca dobry, dal wszystko co mia da, nawet s czci zapasowe, sprzt sprawny

                                                                                        from Germany

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        We are incredibly pleased with this laser metal engraving machine. The units we already have in use from Germany

                                                                                        from Russia

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        Пришло на удивление быстро,пока разбираюсь что к чему,дополню отзыв позже.Продавца рекомендую

                                                                                        from Russia

                                                                                        Post on

                                                                                        Moscow order within 7 days. The laser engraver works great. I am very satisfied.

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