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                                                                  4.8 (32)
                                                                  $6600.00 - $8200.00

                                                                  Model - STJ-60FM

                                                                  Brand - STYLECNC

                                                                  180 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock

                                                                  2 Years Limited Warranty for Entire Machine

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                                                                  2023 best budget fiber laser engraving machine with XY axis moving table is used to DIY, custom, personalize, repair or refurbish iPad, iPhone, and mobile business, you can engrave numbers, letters, signs, logos, names, patterns, or IMEI on the shell, case, accessories, or parts of iPhone, iPad, and more mobiles and pads.

                                                                  Product Overview

                                                                  Product Details

                                                                  2023 best budget fiber laser engraving machine is controlled by a computer, and the laser marking software inputs the marking content. At the same time, the laser beam with higher energy density is used to irradiate the surface of the processed material. The surface of the material absorbs the laser energy and generates a thermal excitation process in the irradiated area, so that the temperature of the material surface (or coating) rises, causing melting, ablation, evaporation and other phenomena, thereby forming a permanent mark with a certain depth on the surface of your projects.

                                                                  Compared to the traditional engraving technology, the best budget fiber laser engraver not only has less material loss, but also has better engraving effect. If you want get more beautiful effect and more efficient engraving, you should choose different types of lasers for comparison, so as to find the suitable laser engraving solutions for fine engraving plans.

                                                                  Technical Parameters of 2023 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with XY Axis Moving Table

                                                                  Output Power60W
                                                                  Laser Wavelength1064nm
                                                                  Fiber Cable Length3m
                                                                  Pulse Width2-500ns
                                                                  Repetition Frequency Range1-4000kHz
                                                                  Max.Single Pulse Energy1.5mJ
                                                                  Output Power Stability<5%
                                                                  Output Beam Diameter7±0.5mm
                                                                  Power Range0%-100%
                                                                  Anti-Reflection ProtectionYes
                                                                  Marking Range110*110mm to 600*400mm
                                                                  Minimum Line Width0.01mm
                                                                  Minimum Character0.1mm
                                                                  Marking Speed≤7000mm/s
                                                                  Marking DepthDepend on materials
                                                                  Repeatability Accuracy±0.001mm
                                                                  Marking FormatGraphics, text, bar codes, QRcode, automatically date, batch number, serial number,etc.
                                                                  Graphic format supportedAi, plt, dxf, dst, svg, nc, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tga, png, tiff, tif
                                                                  Working Voltage220V±10%/50Hz or 110V±10%/60Hz or customized
                                                                  Unit Power<0.5kw
                                                                  Working EnvironmentClean and dust free or dust less
                                                                  Working Condition Humidity5%-75%, 0-40 degree, free of condensed water
                                                                  Laser lifetime>100000 hours
                                                                  Net weight65 kgs
                                                                  Packing Size770*480*780mm
                                                                  Camera systemOptional
                                                                  Auto Focus SystemOptional
                                                                  Moving XY tableOptional

                                                                  Advantages of 2023 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraver with XY Axis Moving Table

                                                                  The traditional marking area of laser machine is maximum 300*300mm, the best budget fiber laser marking machine adopts XY axis moving table to enlarge the working area to be 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 400*600mm, and more table sizes.

                                                                  1. Long service time: The laser engraving machine has very long lifetime, over 100,000 hours.

                                                                  2. High Precision: Re-position precision is 0.002mm.

                                                                  3. Easily Operating: The laser engraving machine can correct engraving each time with galvanometer scanners and electronic controls.

                                                                  4. Energy Saving: The efficiency of optic-electrical converting is up to 30%.

                                                                  5. 2 to 5 times faster than the traditional engraving machine.

                                                                  6. Professional: BJJCZ control board and EZCAD marking software.

                                                                  7. Free maintaining: Run without consumable spare parts, no need maintenance, great for continuous working.

                                                                  Applications of 2023 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with XY Axis Moving Table

                                                                  The best budget fiber laser engraver can be used for etching & engraving phone cases of TPU, plastic, silicone, carbon fiber, leather and synthetic, wood and metals (aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, gold, silver),

                                                                  The best budget laser engraving machine is main applied in electronic and communication products, IC products, electric lines, cable computer components and electric appliance.

                                                                  Recently, some big mobile phone and pad manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Meizu start to use the laser engraving machine for marking mobile shell, case, IMEI, trade marks, models, etc.

                                                                  The fiber laser engraver can be equipped with different laser power, such as 20W, 30W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W MOPA laser source or 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W normal fiber laser source for different usage and cost.

                                                                  Main Parts of 2023 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraver with XY Axis Moving Table

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                                                                  Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

                                                                  Reviewed in Russia on

                                                                  5 out of 5

                                                                  Отлично! Быстрая доставка из Китая, 10 дней в Москву. Заказывал на день рождения дочке, переживал со сроками доставки - просил продавца отправить быстро - в тоге успели вовремя! Лучший продавец, рекомендую!


                                                                  Reviewed in Thailand on

                                                                  5 out of 5

                                                                  The STJ-60FM is an excellent starter for personalized business, with the included X/Y moving table for fine engravings. Its the best tool to make money. I hope this engraver pays for itself soon.


                                                                  Reviewed in Morocco on

                                                                  5 out of 5

                                                                  An awesome laser machine, especially for my IMEI engraving works, other engavings need to be tested. So far this is a great engraver for absolute beginners to learn on.

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