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$20000.00 - $45000.00

Model - S5


• 180 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock

• 1 Year Limited Warranty for Entire Machine

• 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Shipping

• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Your Purchase

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Full automatic flatbed CNC router machine is widely used in modern furniture making including customized panel furniture, cabinet making, home decoration, home door, home furniture, shop and office furniture with automatic labeling, feeding, carving, cutting, drilling, grooving, and discharge.

Product Overview

Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making

Product Details

Advantages of Full Automatic CNC Router for Furniture Making:

1. Increase 10% material usage.

2. Reduce the dependence of the technical workers.

3. Decrease of sorting procedure and sorting error.

4. Save both time and labour for complicated workpiece processing.

5. It can also groove and drill.

6. Improve the product quality and the efficiency.

7. Optimize technology procedure, reduce the production cost.

Applications of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making:

1. Furniture industries

Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, tables and chairs.

2. Decoration industries

Screens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards and sign making.

3. Arts & Crafts industries

Achieveing effects of exquisite patterns and characters on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles, organic boards, double-color boards and so on.

4. Processing material

Carving, milling and cutting for acrylic, PVC, density boards, artificial stones, organic glass, plastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum.

Features of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making:

Full automatic CNC router is mainly designed for customized furniture plans, such as kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, the whole production line only need one ordinary worker to operate.

The CNC router machine can mix a lot of your customers orders from a BOM automitically though the software:

1. Automatic Labeling

The machine can show a barcode / order No. / board size information on each board. The label information can be customized according to your requirements.

2. Automatic Feeding

Suck the board to the next process automatically.

3. Automatic CNC Machining

Cutting, milling, drilling and engraving automatically.

4. Automatic Discharge

After process, the boards are discharged automatically.

Technical Parameters of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making:



Working travel

X axis


Y axis


C axis


Table structure

Vacuum suction


HIWIN or PMI square orbit

Transmission type

X, Y Rack, Z Ball Screw

Repositioning accuracy


Working accuracy


Max air move speed


Max working speed


Spindle parameters

Type of cooling

HSD air cooling spindle


2pcs 6KW




Delta inverter

Drive system

850w YASKAWA servo motor

Command code

G code

Control system

Taiwan syntec

Oiling system


Working voltage

3 phase AC380V/50HZ

Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making Projects:

Package and Service of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making:

1. Packed the Full Automatic CNC Router for Furniture Making with plastic sheet for clearing and damp proofing.

2. Put the CNC router panel furniture production line in the plywood case for safety and clashing.

3. Transport the plywood case into the container.

1. Guarantee & After-sale Service

12 Months warranty under normal use and lifelong maintenance we supply.

24 hours technical support by phone, email and other online contact.

Free training on machine operation, daily maintenance and basic program designing in our factory.

Friendly English operation manual.

2. Delivery Time

Usually, for standard model, within 30 days after get the deposit.

3. Payment Terms

T/T in advance.

L/C is allowed if the amount is big. Please issue the L/C draft for our configuration first.

Other type payment terms we can consider if acceptable for us.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews


Reviewed in South Africa on

4 out of 5

I have never seen something so perfect like this in my life, I am Junior Mechanical Engineer, I work as a Draughtsman. I love designing and will like to own a business in the nearer future.


Reviewed in the United States on

5 out of 5

Panel furniture production line type is varied, manufacturers of furniture production line is also different in quality. STYLECNC is the best one I have ever met.


Reviewed in France on

5 out of 5

Many thanks for your furniture production line, it saves both time and labor for complicated workpiece processing.

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