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Model - S2

Type - Nesting CNC Machine

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Nesting CNC router machine with drill block and 2 spindles is used for carving, engraving, milling, slotting, grooving, cutting, chamfer edge, and the CNC nesting machine can finish the whole panel furniture production.

Product Overview

Nesting CNC Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles

Product Details

Nesting CNC router machine is suitable for diverse complexity products processing. The CNC nesting machine has full functions of engraving, milling, slotting, grooving, cutting, side hole driling, chamfer edge and so on. It can finish the whole panel furniture production works.

Applications of Nesting CNC Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles:

The nesting CNC router machine is widely used in furniture making industry, furniture decoration industry, wood craft industry, wood decoration industry, automotive tooling industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood door, classical furniture, decoration material, door cabinets, computer tables, plate furniture, office furniture, wooden sound box, wooden kitchen furniture and other processing.

1. Furniture industries: Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, antique furniture.

2. Decoration industries: Screens, wave boards, advertising boards and sign making.

3. Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles.

4. Processing material: Engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC, artificial stones, plastics and soft metal sheets, etc.

Technical Parameters of Nesting CNC Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles:



Working Area (X,Y,Z Axis)



Chinese 4.5KW+6KW air cooling spindles (HSD spindles for choose)

Drilling head

HSD 5+4 drill bank


Cabinet vision software

spindle speed

Adjustable 0-18000 rpm

Working accuracy


Maximum Travel


Speed Inverter

Taiwan Delta

Drive System (X & Y Axis)

Rack and pinion transmission,Taiwan Hiwin square Guide rail

Drive System (Z Axis)

Taiwan TBI rolling ball screw,Taiwan Hiwin square guide rail

Electrical parts


Motor and Driver

Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor and Drive

Working table

Vacuum table

Vacuum pump

7.5kw air cooling

Lubrication System

Automatic oiling system

Control system

Taiwan Syntec control system

Power Requirements

AC380V/50HZ/3 Phase


G code (HPGL,U00,mmg,plt)

Details of CNC Nesting Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles:

Projects of CNC Nesting Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles:

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License: The text of "Nesting CNC Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles" by STYLECNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Most Helpful Buyer's Reviews

from Philippines

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5 stars for all. when you make the order, immediately send you the English manual, operation videos for prepare. The Nested CNC machine assembled for hours 5, all tested, working with the installation manuals send by STYLECNC. A small parts was broken on the way to Philippines. They send me a new one by DHL. And training me how to change it for free. Well, in general, 5 stars, only 5 stars.

from Latvia

Post on

Esmu ļoti apmierināts ar šīs CNC ligzdošanas iekārtas iegādi no STYLECNC. Tas bija kārtīgi iesaiņots un ieradās droši, bez jebkādām problēmām. Visas nepieciešamās detaļas iepako pārdevējs.

from Iran

Post on

Great CNC machine for cabinet making, a little tricky to setup, but worked well for 5 months. Had an issue with the controller and they sent a replacement right away, outstanding support from Mike.