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CNC wood sanding machine is used for flat or curved shaped wood panel with solid wood doors, MDF doors, composite doors, and more applications.

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What Is A CNC Wood Sanding Machine Used For?

CNC wood sanding machine is suitable for flat or shaped curved wood panel, such as solid wood doors, composite doors, ecological categories, kitchen door panels, wood flooring, tables and chairs panel, bathroom furniture series, is widely used in Veneer board, MDF, primer board, antique wood pattern board, wood products, wood (WPC) and other materials, the surface rough fine sanding, grinding process.

CNC wood sanding machine features and advantages:

1. CNC wood sanding machine is a specialized machine for grinding plate custom furniture, completely replace the traditional hand-polished and semi-mechanical processing, to get rid of the traditional manufacturing dependence on the artificial, truly intelligent production. save artificial, save materials, save time!

2. Equipment with thickness adjustment function, can achieve rapid positioning of the thickness of the plate, both accurate production, but also greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Reasonable design: independent operation of the cabinet, use, maintenance more convenient.

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