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                                                                  A CNC router machine can be used to make signs, crafts, molds, doors, cabinets, decorations, furniture, musical instruments, and more woodworking projects.

                                                                   Oct 14, 2016    875 (3 Min Read)

                                                                  With the rapid development of manufacturing industry in recent years, CNC router industry has got the good development opportunity, which promoted the CNC router production and application.

                                                                  CNC router is widely used in the following industry:

                                                                  1. Sign industry.

                                                                  Along with the continuous development of economy in our country, the changing of urban public infrastructure, refurbishment of the street road, modern residential district, star hotel, office building, for some trends and standard identification and guidance system to produce a lot of demand, and the mechanisms of sculpture of plaque, logos, signs, represents a large part. From the external signs play a good role for the company's image, in the form of sculpture making employees wear badges, unit, floor board, has become a trend.

                                                                  2. Crafts industry.

                                                                  The expansion of the tourism market, tourists are looking for has the local amorous feelings of the gift, engraving machine in this aspect also comes in. And, to open more and more the meeting now, for some souvenirs and advertising materials, pop made by carving. In a ring, key chain, trophies, MEDALS, imitation crystal furnishing articles, lighters, leather goods, watches, and so on can be carved, can reflect a person's personality and taste, for some people with ideas, is also unique, carved for these items to appeal, catering to the demands of emotional communication

                                                                  3. Model industry.

                                                                  The development of real estate, the demand for building model continuously increase. Sales department of sales model, the square model, construction design to show and display, model of vehicle market expands, some ship model, industrial model, also have a memorial and collection significance. The best assistant of the carving machine has become a production model.

                                                                  4. Organic glass processing.

                                                                  Organic glass is one of the most ideal raw material. Because organic glass itself has good workability, by carving machine can produce. Cut, cut, carved. And organic glass has a wide range of applications, the model, small ornaments, handicrafts, souvenirs, advertising and other household decoration ideal material. Engraving machine and the perfect combination of organic glass, inevitably can produce excellent variety of craft products.

                                                                  5. Wood craft.

                                                                  Engraving machine can punch, ornamental edge, etc., especially the wide application of new type of decoration material, wave plate, also gave the engraving machine more space to grow up and improve the repeatability, standardized at the same time, make the finished product production efficiency are improved significantly.

                                                                  6. Blister mold.

                                                                  Yakeli board to grow and thrive in the advertising industry, font creation and design of mould is acrylic blister light boxes production process, the important link of engraving machine is also very important effective tools in this link, blister process, production process, in these respects scope for engraving machine.

                                                                  The following more specific explanation of the CNC router application universality:

                                                                  1. Advertising and gift decorating to engrave all kinds of signs, organic glass, stone house, three-dimensional signs, light box piece of double color person statues, anaglyph medal, built-in light houses, light guide plate carving lamp, organic board anaglyph stereoscopic door first. 2. Mould industry: engraving button relief mold printing, stamping die, injection mold, blow mold, stamping die, die eyes, etc. 3. Tobacco industry: used in cigarette packaging anti-counterfeiting mark, template production and cigarette word wheel production. 4. Printed circuit board (PCB) circuits in product development, drilling and milling slot, etc. 5. Automotive industry: tire mold lamp mould and mould processing ornament. 6. Coin business: printing money watermark anti-counterfeiting mould and mould making coin. 7. Packaging industry: bags hot stamping, carton packaging glue type production. 8. Model manufacturing, making sand table model, building model, etc. 9. Making all kinds of staff badge, doorplates, recruit sign. 10. Seal industry: all kinds of font material seal carving 11. Shipbuilding industry: the cabin board layout and sign carving. 12. Machinery processing industry: dial wheel and the scale of print. 13. Wood industry: embossed with a design for design and production. 14. Camera aperture scale zoom parts and processing complex parts processing. 15. Tank compressor valve plate. 16. Hydraulic pump axis stator sealing groove machining. 17. Edm machine tool panel carving processing. 18. Printing industry: for concave and convex plate production. 19. Watch table notice casing mould manufacturing. 20. Pastry mould making, etc., are enumerated. 21. Golf head word and line processing. 22. Inkstone, head of art sculpture processing. 23. Motorcycle gear lever for processing. 24. Bowling spherical lettering. 25. Decorative products engraving. 26. Fine jewelry carving. 27. Bath faucet sculpture. 28. Sole mould processing. 29. Smoking set engraving.

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