Laser Cleaner for Historic Stone & Artifact Restoration

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Looking for an affordable laser cleaner for historic stone and artifact restoration & conservation? Review the best budget 100W/200W laser cleaning system for removing soil, dirt, carbon deposits, rust, oxide layers from artifact surfaces.

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Laser Cleaning Historic Stone Statues

Laser Cleaning Historic Stone Statues

Laser Cleaning Historic Artifacts

Laser Rust Removal from Historic Artifacts

Laser Cleaning Oxide Layers from Historic Stone Artifact

Laser Cleaning Carbon Deposits from Historic Stone Mural

Laser Coating Removal for Historic Stone Statues

Laser Carbon Deposits Cleaning for Historic Stone Statues

The removal of the rust layer is a necessary operation for historic stone and artifact restoration & conservation, and it is also a complex problem. The removal of the pollution layer and rust layer on the surface of ancient stones and artifacts requires efficient, high-precision and safe cleaning technology. Laser cleaning provides an efficient, high-precision and safe cleaning method for the field of cultural and expo.

In the cleaning of historical artifacts and ancient stones, the fiber laser cleaning system scans the surface of the object through the vibration wave of short laser pulses, so that the surface soil, dirt, carbon deposits, metal rust, and oxide layers of organic or inorganic impurities are pulverized and evaporated. While removing the contamination layer and aging layer on the surface of the object, ensure that the underlying substrate (cultural relic body) is not damaged or peeled off. Among the various technologies and methods for cleaning cultural relics and restoring their original appearance, only laser cleaning can achieve precise positioning and cleaning.

Laser Stone & Artifact Cleaning Machine Advantages

1. Non-contact type: high-peak short-pulse laser beam is used, and there is no physical contact between the laser equipment and the processing object, so as to achieve non-contact cleaning.

2. Minimal invasion: When cleaning cultural relics, a single pulse only touches the thickness of a few microns, and the depth of cleaning can be controlled to extremely high precision, without causing damage to the artifact body, allowing it to be used on the surface of objects that are easily broken or easily changed.

3. High accuracy: The cleaning operation only involves the laser irradiation area, and has almost no mechanical or thermal impact on the surrounding area. Lasers can handle extremely small details, as well as larger areas, and can handle complex shaped surfaces or special features.

4. Safety and environmental protection: no chemicals or auxiliaries, no waste water or waste liquid; no secondary pollutants harmful to the human body and the environment.

Laser Stone & Artifact Cleaning Machine Advantages Features

1. Wide range of functions: a full-featured laser cleaning machine, which can be used for cleaning cultural relics of almost all materials such as organic, inorganic and metal.

2. Efficient operation: It can be equipped with two types of laser cleaning guns: point-shaped and linear-shaped, with unique advantages, stronger functions, and higher processing efficiency.

The point laser cleaning gun can generate a point laser beam with a diameter of 6mm (standard equipment);

The linear laser cleaning gun can generate 3×11mm linear laser beam (optional). Small size, light weight, convenient for indoor or outdoor field use.

Safety Design for Fiber Laser Stone Cleaning Machine Advantages

Laser stone cleaning machine with laser beam safety control device. When the laser head moves upward and the irradiation angle of the laser beam approaches the horizontal direction, the laser emission stops automatically.

When the laser beam is required to work in the horizontal or above direction, the laser beam control device can be temporarily released.

Laser Stone & Artifact Cleaning Machine Applications & Materials


Decontamination, rust removal, paint stripping, cleaning, peeling, surface cleaning, removal of resin, glue, etc. Objects with uneven surfaces, objects that cannot be cleaned with chemicals, objects with holes that are not easy to clean, objects that require degreasing, objects that require minimal intervention, objects that want to reduce the amount of work, and occasions that require dust-free work (can be used for glass Objects in containers & vacuum chambers are cleaned through glass).


Ancient & Historic Paper;

Ancient & Historic Wood;

Ancient & Historic Stone;

Ancient & Historic Metals;

Ancient & Historic Ceramics, Glass, Pottery, Jade;

Ancient & Historic Leather;

Ancient & Historic Resin, Plastic.

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