100W Laser Cleaning Machine for Paint & Coating Removal

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Looking for a portable laser cleaning machine for paint stripping or coating removal from aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and more metals? Review the 100W laser paint stripping machine and laser coating removal machine to learn more.

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Laser Coating Removal from Soda Cans

Laser Coating Removal from Soda Cans

Laser Paint Stripping from Soda Cans

Laser Paint Removal from Metal Surface

Laser Oxide Removal from Metal Surface

Laser Coating Removal Machine Project

Laser Paint Removal from Metal Parts

Laser Coating Machine Project

Laser Coating Machine Project

Laser Coating Removal from Metal Parts

Laser Oxide Removal from Sheet Metal

There are two main methods for paint stripping and coating removal from traditional industrial products:

The first is the chemical paint stripping or coating removal method, that is, the swelling and dissolution of the paint layer of the product with the aid of a paint agent, such as the use of an alkaline or organic paint remover. Traditional paint removers generally use methylene chlorides, alcohols, esters and benzene as solvents, such as trioxymethane, etc., which are highly volatile, highly toxic, and cause serious environmental pollution, which is harmful to the operator. Human and animal inhalation or skin contact with a large amount of benzene into the body will cause acute and chronic benzene poisoning. Exposure to very high concentrations may also cause workers to lose consciousness and die.

The second is the physical paint stripping or coating removal method, that is, the use of mechanically powerful methods to remove the paint layer of the product, such as manual scraping or high-pressure water flushing to remove the paint. The simplest manual scraping is scraping with a knife, sanding with sandpaper, and washing with water.

Although the above two methods are very mature in technical use, they have obvious defects. The chemical paint removal method mainly uses chemical reagents to achieve the purpose of removing paint from the product. Therefore, it will cause environmental pollution, not environmentally friendly, and is not conducive to local cleaning. It is easy to damage the substrate, it takes a long time to remove and the efficiency is very low. In addition, the chemical reagents are volatile, which also have a certain degree of impact on human health. The physical paint removal method uses a mechanically powerful method, so it is extremely easy to damage the substrate. If it is an electrical product, it may also damage the electrical appliance itself, causing leakage and short circuit, and the consequences are disastrous. Moreover, this method is noisy, labor intensive, and the paint removal effect is not ideal.

How Does Laser Cleaning Machine Remove Paint & Coating?

The test found that when the expansion force of the oil method is greater than the adsorption force of the paint to the substrate, the paint will be separated from the surface of the object. The laser cleaning machine uses the characteristics of the brightness of the laser, adopts the mechanism of thermal vibration and thermal shock and the mechanism of sonic vibration to perform laser shots on the surface of the object, and the various adhesion between the paint and the substrate is broken, without damaging the substrate itself , Through photochemical decomposition, laser ablation, etc., the surface of the object is drawn by the oxide or paint layer to achieve the purpose of removing the surface paint of the product.

Features & Advantages of Laser Paint Stripping Machine and Laser Coating Removal Machine

Laser paint removal technology can be said to be the life of paint removal technology in industrial products. It has an advantage that traditional physical paint removal technology cannot match.

1. No chemical solution is needed, so there is no environmental pollution problem caused by chemical solution.

2. The removed waste is basically solid powder, small in size, and basically does not cause pollution to the environment.

3. Laser coating removal is non-contact type, which is transmitted through optical fiber and combined with robots or manipulators to facilitate remote operation.

4. Laser paint stripping machine can remove different types and thicknesses of paint on the surface of various materials to achieve a high degree of cleanliness.

5. Laser paint removal can selectively remove dirt on the surface of the material without damaging the internal composition and structure of the material.

6. The parts that need paint removal can be at any temperature, and can not be affected by the shape of the product, and can effectively remove the positions on the product surface that cannot be reached by traditional paint removal methods.

7. Laser coating removal machine is easy to move, can be used stably for a long time, and can easily realize automatic operation.

8. The working efficiency of laser paint stripping is high.

It can be seen that the laser paint stripping and coating removal technology is a highly efficient environmental protection technology that is pollution-free, noise-free, harmless to the human body and the environment.

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