Free & Profitable Laser Metal Tube & Pipe Cutting Projects

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Looking for a tool to cut metal pipes? Review these free fiber laser cutting tube projects, and get your own laser tube cutter to start or grow your business.

 Updated on Nov 29, 2023  Claire  1209

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Fiber Laser Cut Tube Projects

Fiber Laser Cut Tube Projects

Fiber Laser Cutting Pipe Projects

Laser Tube Cutter Projects

Laser Tube Cutting Machine Projects

Fiber Laser Tube Cutter Projects

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Projects

Laser tube cutter is an automatic laser metal cutting machine with 1,000 watt, 2,000 watt, 3,000 watt or 4,000 watt fiber laser head to cut square, round, rectangular, oval metal pipes and tubes.

Laser Cuttable Tubing

According to the classification of use occasions, laser cuttable metal tubes can be divided into pipeline tubes, boiler tubes, mechanical structure tubes, hydraulic and pneumatic system tubes, oil well tubes, oil and natural gas transportation tubes, chemical tubes, gun barrels and various special tubes.

Due to different use occasions and purposes, there are usually different requirements for pipe materials, manufacturing methods and manufacturing quality, cross-sectional structural shape, strength, stiffness, and even corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and heat resistance.

According to the production method, pipes are divided into seamless pipes and welded pipes. Seamless pipe refers to an integrally closed pipe with no seams in the circumferential direction of the cross section. Due to different production processes, it is divided into: hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold-drawn pipe and extruded pipe.

Welded tubes are usually made of metal sheets that are rolled and formed and then welded. Due to the different directions of the welds, they can be divided into straight seam welded tubes and spiral welded tubes. The strength of spiral welded tubes is usually higher than that of straight seam welded tubes, but the weld length is 30%-100% longer at the same length, which means low production efficiency and high cost.

Due to different purposes and occasions, pipes are required to have corresponding mechanical properties. According to material classification, it can be divided into ordinary carbon pipes, alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, bearing steel pipes, weather-resistant steel pipes, corrosion-resistant steel pipes and various non-ferrous metal pipes. In addition, there are some metal composite pipes and coated pipes for special purposes.

According to the outer diameter, tubes can be divided into large, medium and small diameter tubes. According to the relative wall thickness d/t, it can be divided into extra thick wall pipe (d/t<10), thick wall pipe (d/t=10~20), thin wall pipe (d/t=20~40) and Extremely thin-walled tubes (d/t>40).

According to the cross-sectional area, pipes can be divided into circular cross-section pipes and special-shaped cross-section pipes.

Under the condition that the wetted circumferences are equal, the flow cross-sectional area of the circle is the largest, and the maximum transport flow rate can be obtained by transporting fluids through circular tubes. However, circular cross-section pipes also have some limitations. For example, when in a plane bending deformation state, special-shaped cross-section pipes such as square or rectangular pipes have better bending strength.

Special-shaped cross-section tubes can be divided into diamond-shaped tubes, hexagonal pipes, octagonal tubes, elliptical tubes and various asymmetric cross-section tubes.

According to the wall thickness, it can be divided into equal-ratio special-shaped tubes and variable-ratio special-shaped tubes.

According to the state of the tube end, it can be divided into plain tube and threaded tube. Threaded tubes can be divided into ordinary threaded tubes, special threaded tubes.

According to different use pressure occasions, it can be divided into high-pressure pipes, medium-pressure pipes and low-pressure pipes.

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