UV Laser Engraving & Etching 3D Crystal Projects & Plans

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Looking for a laser engraver for personalized custom 3D crystal engraving & etching? Review these laser engraved 3D crystal projects, including crystal glass, crystal cube, crystal jewelry, crystal pendant, crystal medal, crystal ball, crystal crafts, crystal arts and more.

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Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Pendant for Necklace

Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Pendant for Necklace

Laser Engraving Personalized Photo in 3D Crystal Cube Project

Laser Etched 3D Crystal Glass

Laser Engraved Custom 3D Crystal Medal

3D Photo Laser Engraved Crystal Keepsake

Laser Engraved Custom 3D Crystal Crafts

Personalized Custom 3D Crystal Laser Engraving Photo Cube Portrait Gifts

Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Polygon Ornaments

Laser Engraved Personalized 3D Crystal Glasses

Laser Engraved Personalized 3D Crystal Arts

Laser Engraved Crystal Ball & Orbuculum & Crystal Sphere

Laser Etched 3D Crystal Jewelry

UV laser engraving machine is an ultra-fine laser marking system, which uses a laser wavelength of 355nm to mark photos, signs, logos, letters, texts, numbers, or patterns on crystal, glass, and more materials with a laser beam. The effect of marking is to directly break the molecular chain of the substance through the short-wavelength laser (different from the evaporation of the surface substance produced by the long-wave laser to expose the deep substance) to reveal the pattern and text to be etched. The marking effect is more refined than fiber laser marking machine. It has greater advantages for UV laser marking machines with high melting point and low polymer materials. It's suitable for marking in high-end industries. The ordinary fiber laser engraver is aimed at products with high hardness, high melting point, brittle materials and metals.

Due to the extremely small focus spot and the small processing heat affected zone, UV laser can perform ultra-fine marking and marking of special materials, especially for crystal and glass engraving & etching. It is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. product. Not only the beam quality is good, the focused spot is smaller, it can achieve ultra-fine marking, the application range is wider, the heat-affected area is extremely small, there will be no thermal effect, no material scorching problem, fast marking speed, high efficiency, and overall machine performance Stability, small size, low power consumption and other advantages.

UV laser engraver is mainly used for fine marking, fine cutting, and micro processing of special materials. It is mainly used for various crystals, glass, LCD screens, textiles, thin ceramics, semiconductor wafers, IC grains, sapphire, and polymer films. , Marking of cosmetics, food, medicine and other materials.

3D Crystal Laser Engraving Machine
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